April MixTape


Another month, time for another MixTape podcast. What I’ve been listening to in April is heavily inspired by artists I might have seen or heard about during SXSW. This podcasts features my favorite song, concert and album (so far) of 2014. Several of these artists are currently touring so make sure to support them by going to a show and at least buying their music.

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Living in Austin and working in radio has given me an opportunity to see a lot of live music at a variety of venues.  Unfortunately, many of the people who attend shows take the experience for granted. Maybe it is today’s youth culture, the technology or the frequency of touring acts – but everyone in the crowd at concerts seems to suck.

I would like to offer a few tips to make all of our experiences a little better. Please avoid being one of these people at a concert:

Late to the show VIP: Looking hot and taking too long pre-gaming doesn’t give you the right to cut the beer/bathroom line then plow your way to the front of the crowd. Occasionally, we all let a lady pass by, but that usually leads to a hand holding train caboosed by four tall bros in tank tops.

Grumpy Professional Concert Goer:

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Avoid these People on Tinder

In this hollow world of social media and online dating, an app has found a way to cut to the chase with just a swipe of a finger. Tinder is a dating app for your smartphone that links to your Facebook account and allows you to browse through multiple people in your vicinity.

It’s simple. You rely (mostly) on luring potential mates with the pictures you choose. Swipe left to pass, swipe right if you are interested. If they also swiped right, the two of you will be able to message each other.

You can explore their profile and other pictures in order to make an informed decision, but who has time for that? My friend Joanna from Keep Austin Stylish and I came up with a few guidelines to help you navigate your ship in these shallow waters.

 Light, so low upon earth,
You send a swipe to the sun.
Here is the golden close of love,
All my wooing is done.

Joanna’s advice:

DON’T: Take Your Shirt Off
This screams that you’re trying too hard, and you probably spend way too much of your time going to the gym (and taking selfies in your bathroom mirror).
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Ep31: Erotic Enema


Carissa’s shoulder is out of socket, CJ is a perv and Chuy needs to get laid! Also, Kirsten Winquist from Radio Margaritaville joins us to talk about radio, exes, sex and erotic enemas.  Read More…

8 Classic Paintings Reworked as Selfies

All over the Internet, people are posting photos of themselves, known as a selfie. It’s so easy to take modern technology for granted. Back in the day, you had to commission an artist, sit still for hours, then wait for your painting to dry before show it off to all your friends that don’t care.

I often wonder what society would have been like had we possessed the technology to capture our own image at an earlier date.  Thanks to an idea from Dave in the Cave (K101.7′s “Poor Excuse for a Morning Show”) I present to you my latest Photoshop work: Classic Paintings as Selfies. First five are mine, the other three came from Dave’s Facebook page. If you like to Photoshop, please send me your work: @theCJMorgan.

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Do you Podcast?

This group of radiomen love working so much that they’ve even expanded into podcasting. What is a podcast? It’s basically an Internet radio show. Catch up with the times dingus.

Mexican, Mustache & Madam

CJ Morgan (7-mid on KLBJ), Carissa Jade (Dudley & Bob Assistant Producer) and the mysterious Chuy record a weekly uncensored, NSFW comedy/introspective/observational show called Mexican, Mustache & Madam. darkives.com/podcasts and on iTunes.

Monthly MixTape

CJ Morgan’s knowledge of music expands well beyond KLBJ’s great rock playlist. Check out his monthly MixTape and discover something new. darkives.com/category/podcast/mixtape/ Read More…

Simple and Fun April Fools Pranks


April Fool’s Day is here! Don’t stress about setting up elaborate, over the top pranks. Here are a few simple and fun things you can do to make the most out of your April Fool’s and the worst out of someone else’s. Suggestions welcome on my Facebook and Twitter.

Replace the Mayonnaise with Pudding

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Ep30: Piddle Test


Carissa’s relationship is waining (or so creeps on Facebook hope), CJ’s name has forever changed and Chuy has undergone some bizarre piss tests. He’ll tell those stories plus we go over our new prescriptions, relationships, psychedelics and feelings. Some serious conversation with a whole lot of dick jokes in between! Enjoy this episode and help us find a way to expand it. Read More…

Lustre Pearl Closes, Austin Dies a Little Inside

Lustre Pearl is closing Sunday which will further pave the way for Rainey Street to become even douchier (than it already is). What was once a nice, and somewhat unique, little neighborhood bar will become a shopping/living center filled with rich Dallas teens who recently moved to Austin (and are invariably working on their real-estate license).They will wake up in the morning; let their neglected Maltese out, stop at the Starbucks for an overpriced iced coffee, then head to the crossfit gym around the corner. After lunch at Which Wich, they’ll hop into Dad’s Audi to run “errands’ before returning to nap.

At night, they’ll pre-drink with friends on the tiny patio of their $1,500 a month, 600 square foot apartment. The collection of designer vanilla vodka bottles will continue to on stack up on the cabinets next to their kickball league trophies. When the Redbull runs out they’ll head down and drunkenly walk in the middle of the busy street towards the first bar pumping out EDM from DJ Martín’s laptop.

Someone will puke, another will start a fight and a few will want to head downtown. Eventually it’s 3am. Time to go home, sleep it off and repeat. Congrats Rainey. You will never see me again. Except you The Blackheart. You’re cool.

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Ep29: Only in Dreams


This is a great episode friends! We could have talked for hours longer if not for prior obligations. Please, help us spread the word and get someone new turned on to this podcast.

Today we got into the Daniel vs CJ fight but first we had a lot to cover. The SXSW tragedy, Carissa’s fourth wreck, new prescriptions, poop songs, getting mugged, sleep paralysis, dreams and mediation.

We also discuss CJ’s birthday indecent, how he dislocated his shoulder and the strange encounter he experienced the other night.


This podcast is intended for a mature audience. The content expressed, implied and/or played on this show do not reflect the views and opinions of it’s hosts, guests, Emmis Austin Radio, it’s advertisers or really anyone for that matter. Seriously, we are not even responsible for anything we’ve said. Actually, you know what, JUST DON’T LISTEN.

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