Chuy and CJ Fill in For Jeff Ward


Chuy and I had the honour to fill in for Jeff Ward on News Radio KLBJ.  It was an exciting and terrifying experience but I loved it! No music, short commercial breaks and serious topics. This was the first time I’ve done talk radio, been on a conservative leaning station and strayed away from dick jokes. I can not bring myself to listen, so if you do, we’d appreciate some feedback!

Here’s a special podcast of our show in place of this week’s M&M&M Podcast.

CJ Chuy


Man Photoshopped to Fit 25 Different Definitions of Beauty


Here’s an amazing experiment to see the differences between masculine beauty “ideals”: 32-year-old radioman CJ Morgan had his picture photoshopped by artists from 25 different areas. He told them to “paint me like one of your French girls” according to their standards.
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Throw Back Thursday: 2010 World Cup Party

Take a look into my past life! Sword fighting, soccer, fat wieners and vuvuzelas in the butt.

Here’s a few pictures I found from a 2010 World Cup viewing party I had.


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Ep39: Help, I’m Choking


Don’t drown in life! If you are choking, just float up to the top. Chuy also has some advice for Carissa and thinks she should try something to get her life together. We talked about that plus  soccer, crazies on the Internet, meeting fans, CJ’s mushroom experience and so much more.



Ep38: Touch Yourself


Celebrate the solstice and one year anniversary of Mexican, Mustache & Madam podcast by touching yourself! That’s right, we’ve been at it for exactly one year. In this episode we reflect on the past, discuss our first time touching ourselves, we explore human sexuality at length, get in to radio trolls and so much more. Please like us, give a rating on iTunes and share us with your friends!



Elements from this Episode:

Casual Sex is Good

CJ vs Holly

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Brazilian Babe World Cup Nip Slip

The best part about the World Cup? That thousands of fans get to see this…




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Austin Parks Report: Trip to the Oasis

Have you ever gone into the wilderness on a starry night and asked the secrets of the universe? Maybe sit until the daytime, eat a flower, smoke a mushroom, and just watch as the sun explodes into a giant ball of fire. Don’t take my word for it though.

Ep37: Fix Us John Tole!


Comedian and philosopher John Tole stopped by the bunker to chat with us about life and the arts. The episode begins in a manic rush of life questions for the bearded Buddha then we get into psychedelics, jokes, peeing and religion.

We wish you good fortune on your new adventure in LA John (be it comedy, acting or porn). Check out his 4256 Podcast Network and follow him on Twitter.


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10 Reasons Why Older Guys SHOULD Go to EDM Shows

Fellow men in their thirties: If you are going to Coachella or a dance show and your friends are shaming you, ignore them.

I get a lot of flak for attending EDM (electronic dance music) shows like Girl Talk (who just performed in Austin). I don’t see why. In fact, these types of concerts are perfect for a guy like me! Here are ten reasons why it’s a great idea for a sinlge guy in his 30′s to go to dance shows.

10. It’s all hit music. No need to go see bands perform stupid songs you don’t know. No need to hold out on going to the bathroom or getting a beer because you might miss your favorite song. No fake leaving and coming back for an encore. Just a laptop pumping out hits on a finely tuned playlist.

9. It’s perfectly normal to wear those neon tank tops and pajama pants your aunt bought you for Christmas.

8. All the chicks are wearing bikinis, furry boots and bear hats.  They’re trying to make some sort of fashion statement, but what I think they’re trying to say is “I’m a skank and have daddy issues…”
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Red Flags for Avoiding Crazy Women

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew something was off? Right away you could tell it was not going to work, yet you continued with the relationship. How many red flags will you let slap you in the face? In my long, storied dating career I’ve come across a few – for lack of a better word – nutters.

That’s why I felt the need to repost this info from AskReddit (and as heard on Dudley & Bob) and include my own red flags.

-She’s been arrested more than once for the same thing
This sounds like common sense right? Multiple DWI’s, possession charges, public intoxication and other narcotic related offenses should signal someone who has a substance abuse problem. If she’s been arrested multiple times for domestic violence get the hell out of there NOW.
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