some [AUDIO]

Some samples of our sounds. Fake commercials, prank phone calls, bits, interviews, elements from my radio show and much more.

[Brand New and Sew Hawt]


[Reverse Prank Calls & Wrong Numbers]
During my radio shift on 93.7 KLBJ, I constantly field phone calls that are not meant for me. Some are wrong numbers, a few are from sales people and many come from  debt collectors. Check out a few of my favorites below then find more of them by clicking here.

My First Reverse Prank Call

Ink salesman

Zolax and the space car

I pretend to be an apartment locator

Listener called to complain about another radio station

In debt to the nines

I don’t need heart insurance I need a boner

Baaaaaaad Little Goat

Find more Reverse Prank Calls by clicking here

[Fake Commercials and Bits]
Recipe Time for the Working Class Man

Hunkerman and Sons Wolf Pee

Naked Pony Cabaret

Hollywood Skinny

Eating with Lamar

Tips for Teens

New STP Tracks

[SFX & Random]

Edgar Winter

UFC 162


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