some [AUDIO]

Some samples of our sounds. Fake commercials, prank phone calls, bits, interviews, elements from my radio show and much more.

[Reverse Prank Calls & Wrong Numbers]
During my radio shift on 93.7 KLBJ, I constantly field phone calls that are not meant for me. Some are wrong numbers, a few are from sales people and many come from  debt collectors. Check out a few of my favorites below then find more of them by clicking here.

My First Reverse Prank Call

Ink salesman

Zolax and the space car

I pretend to be an apartment locator

Listener called to complain about another radio station

In debt to the nines

I don’t need heart insurance I need a boner

Baaaaaaad Little Goat

Find more Reverse Prank Calls by clicking here

[Fake Commercials and Bits]
Recipe Time for the Working Class Man

Hunkerman and Sons Wolf Pee

Horsemeat in the food

Naked Pony Cabaret

Hollywood Skinny

Eating with Lamar

Nuclear Attack Tips

Tips for Teens

New STP Tracks

[SFX & Random]

Edgar Winter

UFC 162

[Radio Show]

Captain Goes off the Deep End

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