Check out all the podcasts below and find them on iTunes or Feedburner by searching for Darkives or Mexican Mustache and Madam.
Darkives is the home several original podcasts. MixTape: A Monthly Music Podcast, The Can’t Get A Job on the Radio Podcast and The Mexican, Mustache & Madam.  M&M&M is our premier podcast, hosted by three radio station employees: Chuy DeLa Leon, CJ Morgan and Carissa Jaded.

Ep40: Just Stop Caring


Carissa and CJ are taking life too seriously so at the very end of this podcast Chuy offers up some great advice: stop giving a fuck! Just stop caring. We got there by talking about Hendrix, classical music, ASMR the beach and thinking positively.

June MixTape

June MixTape

Discover new music, rediscover tunes you forgot and listen to the soundtrack of my June with this MixTape Podcast! If you like what you hear, go see the shows and buy their music.

Ep39: Help, I’m Choking


Don’t drown in life! If you are choking, just float up to the top. Chuy also has some advice for Carissa and thinks she should try something to get her life together. We talked about that plus  soccer, crazies on the Internet, meeting fans, CJ’s mushroom experience and so much more.

Ep38: Touch Yourself


Celebrate the solstice and one year anniversary of Mexican, Mustache & Madam podcast by touching yourself! That’s right, we’ve been at it for exactly one year. In this episode we reflect on the past, discuss our first time touching ourselves, we explore human sexuality at length, get in to radio trolls and so much more. Please like us, give a rating on iTunes and share us with your friends!

Ep37: Fix Us John Tole!

Comedian and philosopher John Tole stopped by the bunker to chat with us about life and the arts. The episode begins in a manic rush of life questions for the bearded Buda then we get into psychedelics, jokes, peeing and religion.

Ep36: Edit

This entire clunky episode should have been edited. But it’s not. We discuss why dating and mating. CJ might be in trouble for saying something on the radio. Carissa found a place to live. Does Chuy want to have sex or not?

We also talk about creative goals then end up going through our high notes and read unpolished jokes.

May MixTape

Here are the tunes that I’ve been listening to this month!

Ep35: Graduation Day

Today we discuss our expectations, realities  and disappointments upon graduation. We also talk about the path that got us to were we re know, ask “when does the dream die” and touch base with a former KLBJ intern who just graduated.

Ep34: Addicted to Crazy

In this episode, we discuss our addictions and mental illnesses.

Ep33: Global Wanking

Today Chuy and CJ podcasted alone (Carissa is camping in the Adirondacks or some shit like that). The intro was a nice throwback to the early days of the Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast.

Ep32: Disappointed

We say the N-word then Chuy tells us about the cannabis cup and Colorado.

April MixTape

Another month, time for another MixTape podcast. What I’ve been listening to in April is heavily inspired by artists I might have seen or heard about during SXSW. This podcasts features my favorite song, concert and album (so far) of 2014. Several of these artists are currently touring so make sure to support them by going to a show and at least buying their music.

Ep31: Erotic Enema

Carissa’s shoulder is out of socket, CJ is a perv and Chuy needs to get laid! Also, Kirsten Winquist from Radio Margaritaville joins us to talk about radio, exes, sex and erotic enemas.

Ep30: Piddle Test

Carissa’s relationship is waining (or so creeps on Facebook hope), CJ’s name has forever changed and Chuy has undergone some bizarre piss tests. He’ll tell those stories plus we go over our new prescriptions, relationships, psychedelics and feelings. Some serious conversation with a whole lot of dick jokes in between! Enjoy this episode and help us find a way to expand it.

Ep29: Only in Dreams

This is a great episode friends! We could have talked for hours longer if not for prior obligations. Please, help us spread the word and get someone new turned on to this podcast.

Today we got into the Daniel vs CJ fight but first we had a lot to cover. The SXSW tragedy, Carissa’s fourth wreck, new prescriptions, poop songs, getting mugged, sleep paralysis, dreams and mediation.

We also discuss CJ’s birthday indecent, how he dislocated his shoulder and the strange encounter he experienced the other night.

Ep28: Reverse Cowboy

Carissa returns to talk about her first time doing stand up, the car crashes she’s been in and interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. The ghost of her grandfather also stops by and encourages her to stop smoking. Does it work? Tune in to find out. We also discuss pity trolling, YouTube comments,  CJ’s Facebook controversy, lizard people and thank our donors.

03.14.14 MixTape

Hopefully this episode of the MixTape finds you well. A lot of these bands will be performing during SXSW, so technically you could call this a pre-South-By MixTape but that would be kind of douchey.

Ep27: Podcast Potpourri


Today we have a deliciously smelly pile of podcast potpourri because Carissa is out. Our panel of guest are Joanna: a fashion blogger (KeepAustinStylish), professional dating and fellow weirdo. Whitney: KLBJ Promotions Assistant, bartender and Challenger enthusiast ; Dae: our blind, black and badass intern. We talk about dating, getting arrested and cats.

EP 26: Feast of Depression

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 1.07.22 PM

Today’s podcast is much different than the usual ones. No plan or prep, just four of us talking. We are depressed, hungover, hungry and ready to give up. Yet, through the power of podcast therapy( and Chuy’s wisdom) we come out on top. Daniel actually gets teared up, Chuy eats not Juan but two tacos, CJ laments his demotion and Carissa wants the apocalypse to begin so she can be happy.  This will be the final sad-cast. Like caterpillars, we have gone into the cocoon and are now ready to emerge as moths.

Ep25: Persons of Knowledge


Why did Chad Kroeger tell Carissa to “fuck you”? Does Bill Murray have Alzheimer’s? Is Chuy a poker shark? Why does CJ have a giant bruise on his face? Who are the persons of knowledge? Answers to these questions and more mindless entertainment on Episode 25 of Mexican, Mustache & Madam. This is a good one! I promise.

Ep 24: Mackenzie Kelly

Today we are joined by a guest from the world of Twitter, fitness and even a acting. Mackenzie Kelly is a fitness model, certified firefighter, disaster scientist, blogger, Social media superhero and all around badass. We sit down and discuss health, her twitter following, strip clubs and something about a scientology massage.

Episode 23: The Potcast

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in the state of Colorado so we decided to have an intelligent and informed cannabis discussion. Unfortunately, there were no intelligent and informed people available so you are stuck with Carissa, Chuy and CJ. Also, this is the first attempt at podcast from a hidden location where we can drink and relax. The equipment fails a couple of times but hopefully you won’t even notice that or the dimensioned audio quality. In addition to Marijuana, we discuss the dangers of Spice, scientology, Jonestown, The Münster Rebellion, What CJ does with hemorrhoid cream and Chuy cures anxiety better than Dr. Oz ever could.

Ep22: Resolutions, Reflections & Re-Recordings

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.16.20 PM
The magic of the lost episode 22 can never be recaptured. Luckily, the computer didn’t crash and we managed to get in one final podcast of 2013. This episode jumps all over the place but we mainly reflect on the past and set our goals for the future. Enjoy!

Ep21: Getting into Daniel Gallo’s Ass

We have a special guest today, Daniel Gallo of the Gallo Family Vineyards and Producer of the Dudley & Bob Show. Today we rolled for two hours and asked several important questions: Should CJ put his dog to sleep? What is growing in Daniel’s ass? What secret things can vagina’s do? After a few of Daniel’s radio prank calls we get into our main topic: radio.

Ep20: Giving Thanks, God Saves Carissa & Chuy has a Parade

Chuy had a parade thrown in his honor, Carissa was saved by God and CJ’s dog has been a bad little goat! We also take time to give thanks, tell holiday stories, make a Paul Walker joke, discuses dating and really dive into Carissa’s mental health.

11.13.13 MixTape

It’s long over due, but here is my Monthly MixTape Podcast. November’s set list draws from music I discovered at Fun Fun Fun Fest, listened to in Las Vegas and helped me “think” my way through a break up. It’s a good mix of EDM, rock, pop, mainstream and my favorite,  weird. Enjoy the ride and be sure to go support these artists.

Episode 19: Meat Up, Time to Get Reel & Sex on the First Date

Is it okay to have sex on the first date? Probably not a great idea but a recent article suggests it actually might be. We discuss that plus CJ recaps Las Vegas, Carissa teaches us about the clitoris and Chuy lowers his standards.

Ep18: Salute to America, MMM Investigates & the Donkey Show

What does it take to make the American dream happen? Is that still even possible? Maybe it’s time for Mexican, Mustache & Madam to investigate. We also discuss FFF Fest, Twitter troll, the Wu Tang Clan, Carissa’s Camping trip, Kanye punching people, Grandpa Morgan in Vietnam, WWII, Detroit, Las Vegas, UFC and even the dynamics of a donkey show.

This one jumps all over the place but ends up going into with the rise and decline of America as a world power.

Ep17: Homeless, Aliens & Scary Thingsep17

Episode 17 starts with our fears and failures in life and ends with with our fears and frights of aliens and monsters. First we take on the the the homeless problem in Austin, then play a few of my songs, discuss Carissa’s list of favorite scary movies, play a haunting Area 51 clip from Coast to Coast and get more into Halloween time fun.

Ep 16: Charlie Hodge

This episode features a very special guest: podcaster, radioman and all around entertainer Charlie Effin Hodge! We talk about the glory days of radio, Cuban subs, golden ropes of pee, toll roads, the future of podcasting, fishing for bails of pot and wrecking Porsches. Chuy gets to drive around a well known band this weekend, Carissa is still sick and CJ gets the bill for his trip to the ER. Charlie is also here to talk about his big event, theHalloween Hullabaloo Festival.

Ep 15: Cats & Dogs, Concussions and Chuy’s Haircut

Another fascinating episode. Really! CJ is single…again…for now. We briefly discuss Chuy’s haircut, the state of the world, CJ’s concussion, relationship troubles and at the end we create/improv our own talk radio news show. Also in this episode: South Park, Chuy laughs at the saddest and sweetest thing in the world, the transition Dub Horn, new Tim and Eric, how to read to an audience properly and animal sound effects.

Ep 14: Blind, Deaf and Dumb

After a bit of a vacation and work induced hiatus we return! We promise you this is a fun, hilarious and emotionally touching episode.

We start out minus a Mustache, the Madam and some headphones. We get right into politics and the shutdown. Carissa returns and we switch gears to mental health and then get into sleep paralysis, dreams, our senses and get a little real. Carissa goes more in depth about her eating disorder and being overweight, Chuy deals with depression and CJ makes really inappropriate jokes. Happy birthday to Carissa’s sister.

Episode 13: SAD, THC & ADD

What a depressing podcast. Don’t worry, we get over it by saying something nice about the other person(s). Chuy recounts his first DMT experience and Carissa tells us about being a contestant on the Biggest Loser. We also discuss CJ’s Chronicle Award, pets, radio stuff, ADD, drugs and how volcanoes are the scabs of the earth. DOWNLOAD: Ep13

MixTape 09.13.13

Another month, another MixTape! This episode brings you new stuff from Arcade Fire, The National, Daft Punk, Man Man, HAIM, Arctic Monkeys and even a Coldplay song from the The Hunger Games soundtrack. DOWNLOAD: MixTape09.13.13

Ep 12: DMT, Behind the Curtain and The Higher Power

Carissa explores the higher power, Chuy embraces DMT and CJ makes a fart joke. On top of that, we discuss drugs, dub horns, depression, the Hungarian Master, some radio stuff and a big fight during the Dudley & Bob Sideshow. DOWNLOAD: Ep12

Ep 11: My Son, Labour Day and How to Eat a Watermelon

It’s the end of the summer, does it really matter anymore? And why can’t we wear white pants? Today we discuss sex, relationships, going for one more, CJ’s love child, the top songs of 1993 and most importantly how to eat a watermelon. DOWNLOAD: Ep11

Episode 10: Breakups, Makeups and Dick Birds

We start the show off with an unplanned and impromptu interview with CJ’s ex girlfriend of five years. Talk about an intense, awkward life changing time. After that, we  discuss relationships and life, beats n samples, Blurred Lines vs Marvin Gaye, we play CJ’s newest car commercial and get an update as to whether or not it has been sold, and then go off on Dale Dudley (not really). DOWNLOAD: Ep10

Mix Tape – 08.13.13

Welcome to my new podcast! For years I’ve been making monthly mix tapes to listen to in my car and finally I’ve decided to share them with you. The mix tape consists of songs I have been listening to this month. Most new, some old and few I’ve never even  heard of.  So sit back, relax and jam to some sweet beats for an hour!  MixTape 8.13.13

Episode 9: Fuck You Mom

Dicks, do they matter? We discuss that and a lot more today! From crazy car salesman to Carissa’s cancer to CJ and Chuy’s exciting new activity! We also discus mix tapes, music, reality TV, UFC, MMA, relationships (and who is single again), what we do with  Model Mayhem accounts and CJ calls his mother.DOWNLOAD: Ep9

Episode 8: Relationships, Puppies and Tonguing Butt

Ride that Pussy Train! We kick off the podcast with Carissa making a huge announcement that will surely be the topic of discussion for weeks to come.  Then we move into relationship discussions, man time, how I become single after five years, sex, Apple vs Google, animals, sexy animals, the Amazon Olympics, another twerk video, biting and tonguing butt and so much more. Please give us some feedback and recommend us to a friend or seven. DOWNLOADEp8

Episode 7: The Matrix, Will Smith Yourself and Mongol Madness

We want you to Will Smith yourself into this podcast (this concept will be explained later). Today we discuss a few more serious topics like prank calls and twerking. We also get into a conversation about space travel, humanities future and current state of existence, artificial intelligence and some real matrix type shit. About halfway through Professor CJ gives Carissa and Chuy a brief history lesson and gets into the nitty gritty of the Mongolian Empire . Feed back is always appreciated! We have no idea who is listening so let us know you are out there! Download: Ep7

Episode 6: Hotdog Cannon, Prison Sex and Ozzy, I had your Baby

In this episode we come up with a name – and this time we are for serious… or at least until something better comes along (but only if Dave in the Cave, who came up with it, will make us more imaging using the RZA remix of Good the Bad and the Ugly). Anyhow, we discuss life inside of a prison, espionage, Ozzy Osbourne, my superior musical tastes, the three strikes law, our co-worker Daniel and his song contest, Blurred Lines and so much more. It starts off slow and clip heavy, but stick around! Or we will cut you. Download: Ep6

Episode 5: Master Troll, Apple core and Walken on Sunshine

Today we got paid! We also choose a name, discuss movie stars, amazing facts about celebs, our bodies, a few master trolls, an office prank and Carissa’s deadly littering problem. Also on this episode: Fuck Texas? No, fuck New York. I unintentionally hate women and more! Download: Ep5

Episode Four: Flow of Life, Sum Ting Wong & Dummy Childep4

We had one assignment with this episode: come up with a name. We forgot to to that, so we are still open to suggestions. On today’s show we discussed several exciting topics in a very A-D-D manner. Chuy was detained by police last night, Carissa is still sober (kinda) and I created life. We also go over the Zimmerman trial, how to make Dale Dudley listen to your podcast, a huge news gaffe, terrible segues, a new reverse prank call and an EPIC FLOW. Download: Ep4

Episode Three: Buffet Etiquette, Alcohol & MushroomsEp3

During this fine third episode we try to come up with a name, talk UFC, my Vegas marriage, buffets, shrooms, steak & Sea crabs, guests and go into why Carissa missed the last episode and how she is changing her life. Please reach out to us on Facebook or twitter to let us know you listened and if you have an idea for a name that isn’t stupid. Download: ep3

Episode Two: Rat Tail, Matt Damon and Scarface

Our second episode reunites tow pals as one of us is unable to attend today. Our discussions bounce from serious topics like religion, politics to rat tails, bike fuckers, Scarface, prank calls and a whole lot more! Download: ep2

Episode One: Random Boner, Titty City and Rat Clit

06.22.13 | The first episode of our yet to be named podcast! Staring Carissa Jaded, Chuy and CJ. This week we discuss Kanye, Paula Dean’s best racist recipes on twitter, Mortal Combat, Enron, an important message about texting, Drizzy and the Heat, South Park, twerking, random boners, masturbation and so much more!


The Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast Archives

Two Guys who work in Austin Radio but can’t get a job on the radio (08.10.10 – 05.22.12)

CGJRPC 50 | Live Again

CGJRPC 49 | Are You Guys Done?
In this episode: We prepare for another live podcast, Chuy caught up on Game of Thrones, Lamar reads a Haipu, we discuss the news, recap last years live podcast, bring back a favorite segment and kinda ramble on for the last ten minutes. Please do not judge us by this episode, lest ye be a judgment rock… or something like that.

CGJRPC 48 | Game of Pwns, SFX and Trolls
Special guest sound effect  Tim Allen joins us today. We start the show with shocking current events, visit with our food critic Eating With Lamar, talk about my obsession Game of Thrones, memes, the new South Park and so much more! Music by: Junior Senior, Peter, Bjorn & John and Empire of the Sun

CGJRPC 47 | Fights, Best Friends and a Porn Star Prom

Recap of SXSW, Bruce Springsteen & Honor Thy Boss, I almost got into a fight, best friends, Pepsi babies and a porn star prom denied.

CGJRPC 46 | Leslie, God Help Us and Honor Thy Boss
SXSW is upon us! But first: We discuss the dead, play a clip from Leslie’s Eulogy, introduce a new segemnet called God Help Us All, read some news and discuss how to Honor Thy Boss.

CGJRPC 45 | Stand Up, Gay Marriage and Facebook Intervention
These topics sound like the back bone of a right wing talk show on Fox. We hold a social media intervention, discuss gay marriage, more about black history month, birth control and (again) our stand up/ life goals. cgjrpc45

CGJRPC 44 | Black History, Ron Paulitics and a Dramatic Review
We begin our tribute to Black History Month, discuss the Super Bowl, the election, a shooting in Austin and read a listener’s review of all 43 podcast episodes. DOWNLOAD: CGJRPC44

CGJRPC 43 | Awards, Chewing on the Mic and Stand Up
Happy Birthday BDoe! Today we discuss 2012: A year we make stuff happen. Also, we talk about winning some awards, surprise parties,  chewing on the mic, stand up and Chuy gives us a Ron Paul update. Music by: Miike Snow and My Morning Jacket. CGJRPC43

CGJRPC 42 | Moment of Silence, Romney’s Dick and Diabetes 01.14.12
Just how big is Mitt Romney’s Penis? We explore that question, talk about therapy, diabetes, play our voicemail and have a moment of silence for Pac. Music By: The Black Keys, M83, Gotye and The Soldier Thread. CGJRPC42

CGJRPC 41 | Dark Times, 2011 in Review and What did Chuy do with that Number?

We review the past year, discuss 2012, the GOP election, huffing key board cleaner; we ping some news, introduce Fox News’ Ron Paul Minute and what did Chuy do with that phone number? Music by Charles Bradley and Jay Z & Kanye. DOWNLOAD: CGJRPC41

CGJRPC 40 | Chuy Got a Number, Who’s Poor and Let’s End Rape
Last night Chuy got a phone number. When should he call? We debate that, take rape off the funny list, discuss who is poor(er) and introduce Vaughn’s Black Minute. Music By: TV Girl, AgesAndAges, Alexander & The Rural Alberta Advantage.

CGJRPC 39 | Government Tweets, Dot XXX and Hallucinating
This podcast sounds like a man hallucinating on Drugs. We discuss Rick Perry’s recent commercial, announce something cool, mushrooms, Eatin’ With Lamar, give props to some other podcasts and Twitter. Plus we announce another tweeter of the week, giveaway stuff and I say Dale Dudley’s name in hopes he will listen.
Music by: Peter, Bjorn & John, The Kills, Beirut and My Morning Jacket. Download: EP39

CGJRPC 38 | Black Friday, Dressing and Learning from Porn
Today we return after a long Thanksgiving break ready to set fire to the Earth. In this episode we introduce our food critic, discuss Black Friday, our Thanksgiving radio remote, the effects of porn on society, more sex, announce our Tweeter of the Week and even attempt a giveaway. CGJRPC_38

CGJRPC 37 | Penn Buggery, Perry and Problems of the First World Kind
We discuss the sick crap happening at Penn State, Rick Perry’s foible, my wiener, Radiohead tickets, first world problems and masturbation troubles. MUSIC BY: Foster the People, Wilco and Naked & Famous. DOWNLOAD: CGJRPC37.

CGJRPC 36 | Death, Lonely Party and Black Face Hitler
I know, I know. We are trying… finally another episode though. We discuss inappropriate Halloween costumes, death, my party, juggalos and have our first disagreement. MUSIC BY: Stone Foxes, Keep Shelly in Athens, The Black Keys and St. Vincent. DOWNLOAD: CGJRPC36

CGJRPC 35 | Can Job on the Radio, Dolphin Penis and First World Problems
What should we call the podcast? We discuss some options, pay homage to Steve Jobs,discuss more career changes, the occupy movement, terrible Dolphin movies and rushing waves of salty liquid. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD/PLAY: CGJRPC_35

CGJRPC 34 | Cheating, Adderall and The Strange Connection between Walt Disney and Kurt Russell

On this episode we discuss states rights to let pot heads tote guns, cheating in schools, Walt Disney’s last words and who is R-Pizzle? As for our careers in radio? Well we talk about that too.
Listen: CGJRPC Episode 34
Music By: The Cars, James Gang, Police and Emerson, Lake & Palmer

CGJRPC Ep 33 | Fires, Broken Wiener and What Happened to Charlie Hodge? 9.22.11

The Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast returns from break and wow… a lot has happened since our sabbatical. In this episode, we discuss the departure of the Charlie Hodge and Matt Sadler Halftime Show, my injured wiener dog, the Central Texas Fires, my car wreck, our careers, the Republican nominations and much, much more. With so much bad vibes in the air, we decided to end the show by launching the Scum-a-Pult. Listen, share and help spread the dark!
Listen: CGJRPC Episode 33

CGJRPC 32 | Chuck Norris, Gravy and Passive Aggresive People

Give this podcast about 15 minutes until the funny kicks in. Kind of like a slow train building up speed. Once it starts, it can not be stopped. Anyhow, We discuss Libya, Amy Winehouse, Chuck Norris Jokes, Passive Aggressive People and a circumcision gone wrong. Now go and let this podcast wash over you.
Listen: CGJRPC Episode 32

CGJRPC 31 | One Year, One Hour Anniversary Special
It’s the one year anniversary of the beloved Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast! We talk about the history of the p-cast, our jobs in radio, what we do, what we can do better, our goals and ghost farts. It’s a little over an hour so be patient, give it a listen and please – leave a comment.
Listen: CGJRPC Episode 31
CGJRPC 30 | Stankface, Hadouken and Paper or Plastic? 8.05.11

I dun did it again! That and we debate Perry, Politics and paper or plastic… and by debate I mean make poop jokes.
Listen: CGJRPC Episode 30
MUSIC: La Roux, My Morning Jacket, Empire of the Sun.
CGJRPC 29 | Porn, Snowflakes and the Interweb 7.22.11

Listenership (if that’s even a word) is up! Do your part and spread the CGJRPC love. In this episode we discuss porn and how it plays into our lives; past, present and future. Chuy also compares nipples to snowflakes, in what turns out to be the deepest thing I’ve ever heard him say.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, The xx and My Morning Jacket.
CGJRPC 28 | Planking, Podcasting and Strippers7.16.11

In this episode, I sit down and interview a stripper (actually you should refer to them as dancers) and ask her the questions you submitted. We also talk about other stuff. What stuff? You’ll just have to listen to find out.
Music By:
Miike Snow, DJ Khaled, Chase & Status
CGJRPC 27 | Perverts, Boobs and a Hung Jury7.08.11

After a week-long hiatus the CGJRPC returns! It’s Chuys birthday but in the interested of timeliness we will not mention the specific date. Anyhow, in this episode we discuss the Amazon Olympics, whether or not we are perverts, Casey Anthony, porn, peanut butter pleasure and all your usual favorites. Enjoy!
Music By:
My Morning Jacket, Cake, Tribe Called Quest & Arcade Fire.

CGJRPC 26 | Comedy, Off Day and Rodney Dangerfield One Liners6.22.11

We are having an off day which is ironic since this episode was supposed to be about comedy.  We touch up on some current events, weird news, attempt to do some Rodney Dangerfield one liners and discuss our new key demographic. I know, it might sound rough.  It happens. Listen anyway.
Music  By:
311, Raphael Saadiq, , TV On the Radio
CGJRPC 25 | Gay Stuff, Whore Off and Keepin’ it Classy6.16.11

In this zany episode we discuss Tracey Morgan, Comedy, The Dallas Mavericks, how to keep it classy and even have a whore off! Please do not get offended, please DO tell your friends.
Music By:
Cake, My Morning Jacket, Beastie Boys, White Lies

CGJRPC 24 | Religion, Politics and Stealing Weiners6.08.11

Another day another dollar… Or as we say in the podcasting world: “Mom may I please borrow some money for rent”. Anyhow, Chuy’s got some business ideas, we discuss the upcoming elections, stealing and that Weiner guy.


CGJRPC Episode 23 | Chris Farley, Radio Jobs and Talking Monkeys

CGJRPC Episode 22 | Double Deuce, Corrections and Foam Souffle

CGJRPC Episode 21 | Co-Host Controversy, Syndication and The End (aka the raptor)

CGJRPC Episode 20 | Masturbation Month, Hey There BDoe and More Masturbating

CGJRPC Episode 19 | CJ in Cuffs, Live Show Recap and We Got Him!

CGJRPC Episode 18 | LIVE

CGJRPC Episode 17 | Tight T’s, Doritos Tacos and The Live Show

CGJRPC Episode 16 | Texas Relays, Voicemails and Fleshlights!

CGJRPC Episode 15 | Goals, Kevin Smith and a Party Time Anouncement!

CGJRPC Episode 14 | Bangin to Classical, World Chaos and

Wingin’ itCGJRPC Episode 13 | Flow Battles, Big Announcement and a Promise Fulfilled

CGJRPC Episode 12 | DBags, Sitcoms and Full Service

CGJRPC Episode 11 | Kittens, Puppies and Pandas!

CGJRPC Episode 10 | Friday Solitude, Fake News and Vodka Bongs

CGJRPC Episode 9 | Alpacas, My Girl and Black History Month

CGJRPC Episode 8 | Revolt, Drugs and Yvonne’s Big Announcement

CGJRPC Episode 7- Decency, Sex and Jurassic Park

CGJRPC Episode 6- Rape, Weekend at Bernies and Guy Time


EPISODE 4: RIP Greg, Sorry Jesus, Awkward Segue, Rick Perry’s Hair and BDoe is going to kill me.

EPISODE 3: Tila and the Juggalos, Matt Sadler in Mexico and Mother F’in Falco

Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast | EPISODE TWO: CJ becomes a YouTube Star

Can’t Get a Job On the Radio Podcast. Episode One | PODCAST

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