Ep48: Showciopath

This podcast covers dating, serial killers, high thoughts, working out, pick up artists and even pinging the news. Find is on iTunes or FeedBurner by searching Darkives OR Mexican, Mustache and Madam. This podcast is intended for a mature audience. The content expressed, implied and/or played on this show do not reflect the views and opinions…


Ep46: Fast Food Feast

Chuy and CJ gathered in the underground comedy bunker to feast and talk about their dirty love of fast food, fingering and fungus. DOWNLOAD: ep46 Music: Superhumanoids – Flipping Out Intro: Dave Howard & The Shadows Brought to you By: Catman+Sons GIVE US MONEY (plz) Help us buy equipment to continue doing our podcast and take it on the…


Ep45: Podcast Orgy

We talk about sex, sex and ways to be better at sex. Carissa brought her friend/fan Heidi by to help Chuy and CJ become masters of pleasuring women. The podcast will probably end in an orgy. DOWNLOAD: ep45 Music: Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal Intro: Dave Howard & GZA GIVE US MONEY (plz) Help us…


Ep44: We Did One!

Carissa and CJ (the madam and mustache) got together today to catch up on the radio life, talk about Dudley & Bob + Matt and jobs. DOWNLOAD: ep44: we did it! Music: Tom Vek’s Broke Intro: Dave Howard & GZA Brought to You By: Mystic Dan GIVE US MONEY (plz) Help us buy equipment to continue…


Ep39: Help, I’m Choking

Don’t drown in life! If you are choking, just float up to the top. Chuy also has some advice for Carissa and thinks she should try something to get her life together. We talked about that plus  soccer, crazies on the Internet, meeting fans, CJ’s mushroom experience and so much more. DOWNLOAD: ep39