World Cup Prediction

My WC Prediction: England

Key Player: Wayne Rooney
Coach: Fabio Capello
FIFA Rank: 8
Synopsis: Many people think this is England’s year but several key injuries and slow starts might doom them in the later rounds.

My Favorite Team: Germany

Key Player: Lukas Podolski
Coach: Joachim Löw
FIFA Rank: 6
Synopsis: Even with Captain Michael Ballack out, Germany’s veteran squad and methodical play will easily power them through group play. Don’t be surprised if they make a deep run or even reach the finals.

My Darkhorse: Argentina

Key Player: Lionel Messi
Coach: Diego Maradona
FIFA Rank: 7
Synopsis: Argentina has a new coach and simply lacks the defensive presence to keep pace with better teams. However, they possess, arguably, the world’s best player in Lionel Messi which gives them the potential to beat anyone.

 If Only: United States

Key Player:
Landon Donovan
Coach: Bob Bradley
FIFA Rank: 14
Synopsis: The American team made to the finals of the Confederation Cup last year and boast one of the best goalies in Tim Howard. This could be a magical year for the USA.

Best Team: Spain

Key Player:
Fernando Torres
Vicente del Bosque
FIFA Rank:2
Synopsis: Spain has the best team and best shot to win it all. They are co-favorites along with Brazil but have a history of stuttering in the later rounds.

Homer: South Africa

Key Player: Steven Pienaar
Coach: Carlos Parreira
FIFA Rank: 83
Synopsis: The home team always makes a splash, going 14-0-6 in opening games, but getting to the second round will require beating France or Uruguay (or both).

I Hate You: France

Key Player: Patrice Evra
Coach: Raymond Domenech
FIFA Rank: 9
Synopsis: The French are already whining about the distracting Vuvuzulas and take dives better than most olympic swimmers. Watch out or these smug bastards will start throwing headbutts.

3 thoughts on “World Cup Prediction

  1. playercj54 says:

    I have so much time for these world cup predictions.. England to win, and the I hate you France was nail on the head, they will never get anywhere this world cup anyway, a good team but too much in camp conflict.
    My only complaint is for you irrational vuvuzelas..

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