NBA Free Agent Bonanza- LeBron Extravaganza of 2010

Free agency in the NBA begins at midnight and by the end of next week, we should have an indication of who is going where. This free agent class is considered the most talented in history and features  the biggest prize ever: LeBron James. Even my beloved Dirk Nowitzki (aka the Tiger) has opted out of his contract to join the NBA Free Agent Bonanza- LeBron Extravaganza of 2010. Several teams, most notably the Knicks, have spent years gutting their rosters to  provide cap room in order to sign LeBron and one other max contract. Here are my predictions based on what my brain has told me:

LeBron James
The King, none the mightier (except maybe Kobe).
Prediction: Chicago
He changed his number from 23 to 6. Hmmm, what team has a retired number 23, plenty of history, cap space and players to lure him in?

Dwayne Wade
Third only to LeBron and Kobe in talent, he has ring but wants more.
Prediction: Miami
Dade county is Wade county and Miami is D-Wades city. Look for them to sign another big name to play along side him and, um, uh Udonis Haslem?

Chris Bosh
Big man, great scorer but a soft body.  He’s talented and only 26 but not worth the max.
Prediction: Chicago
I think Bosh wants to follow LeBron or even Wade. He wants to win and won’t mind being the number 2. There is suddenly talk of an LA trade but I don’t see how he would fit in with Gasol.

Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk ist der Tiger! A great shooter who seems to get better with age but he needs another reliable scorer. Despite criticism, he is an elite competitor with a heart of gold. I’ve spent ten years watching him sink incredible shots. I wish I had ten more.
Prediction: Dallas
Dirk is the reason I got into NBA basketball again. Wherever he goes, so does part of my heart. Let’s just hope it’s Dallas.

Joe Johnson
SG Johnson is a defender’s nightmare and scoring machine. He’s not a franchise player and not worth a max contract though.
Prediction: Atlanta
Without Joe, Atlanta’s quest to rise amongst the East’s elite will take a serious blow. I think he will end up staying but could be lured away to play along side an elite player.

Amar’e Stoudemire
Deadly on the pick and role and instant offense but a poor defender and shot blocker.
Prediction: Miami
The chance to play alongside D-Wade will lure Amar’e away from the desert. He has connections in Miami and has hinted about playing alongside Wade in the past.

Carlos Boozer
A brutish beast in the paint… when he’s not injured
Prediction: New Jersey
They want a big free agent, they will get Boozer. Utah might be able to resign him but that relationship has grown sour over the last few years. That and he can’t stay healthy.

Paul Pierce
Athletic scorer and defender but aging alongside an aging roster.
Prediction: Boston
Boston is the only team he has ever known. Pierce mostly likely opted out to get a better deal before the new Collective Bargaining Agreement takes hold. Is that a guarantee he’ll stay? No… but he will.

David Lee
I don’t know shit about David Lee but I like him.
Prediction: Phoenix
Youth, athleticism, shooting and a replacement for Amar’e are all things Phoenix is looking for. Things they will probably over pay Lee for.

New York Knicks
“We sold our soul for LeBron and all we got is this t-shirt”.
Prediction: Phoenix

This team has been planning for 5 years to get LeBron but in the end they’ll wind up high and dry. New York has gutted their roster and is the only team with money to sign two max contracts but it takes more than two to tango… or something like that. The bright side? You can finally start rebuilding.

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