CJ wants to work for YOU, the people (Now Accepting Donations).

The internet doesn’t pay and neither does my job. So I have decided to work for the people, to work for YOU! If I enternain, annoy or excite you then make a small donation to support the cause. I won’t spend it on drugs or booze, I promise.  

 I am accepting anonymous donations via PayPal as well as blog/podcast sponsorships. Click the link below, then make PayPal donations to caseyjmorgan@gmail.com. Thanks!

DONATE SOME FUNDS TO CJ: personal.paypal.com

Is it a scam? No. I will not get any of your info, if you are famliar with PayPal then you’ll understand how it works.
Is CJ this desperate for money? No. Well kinda. Maybe. I think . I just want to see if I can make the interweb pay. Ergo visa vi concordantly, I would like to get paid to entertain. Let’s see how this goes!
Is this legal? I have no clue. Is it even ethical? I don’t know. Just give me some damn money.


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