NFL Predictions | SPORTS

Sports predictions  are a fun and usually fruitless hobby -unless you gamble. Then it’s a fruitless, addicting hobby that leaves you broke on a curb getting your ribs kicked in by some drunk shylock named Vinny. That’s beside the point. Before the NFL season starts, I like to predict a few sleepers/wildcards who I think could go all the way. Last year I picked the Saints to beat the Jets (Superbowl) and was amazed at how close I came to getting my money back from Vinny. Here’s my bold predictions for this year (based on how far I think each team will advance):

So Close
-Both teams have a lot of potential and Carolina might even surprise some folks. The other 12 teams are just going to be better though.

AFC Playoff Teams
-San Diego easily wins division.
-Jets might not even make the playoffs in tough AFC.
-Business as usual for the Colts and Pats.

NFC Playoff Teams
-Devil gives Farve one more year but playoff loss keeps him out of hell.
-Cowboys have too many questions and I never pick my favorite team to win it all.
-Falcons will greatly improve now that they are healthy.
-49ers are a huge sleeper this year, easily win west.

AFC/NFC Championship Game
-Titans and Greenbay will shock the NFL with how good they are.


-Ray Lewis, Ravens come close but are missing that magic luck that one man seems to have given a team and city…

Superbowl Champ

-Won some games on pure luck and magic last year. That and a great QB, offense and good defense. But please, I can’t take “Who Dat” any longer.

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