Soliloquy Stats | PIC

At, we are always looking for ways to improve our posts. Darkives Project Manager, Ashley Ryan, sent me a summary of the Epic Soliloquy Series.

We see there is a slow and steady decline from Soliloquy #1 to Soliloquy #6. Interest is again peaked by video number 7, and as predicted, the announcement of video number 9 being the last soliloquy brought a sharp increase in viewership to 54 (second highest behind the first video).

Average number of viewers: 35
Total number of views: 315
Average Soliloquy Video Length: 37.5 Seconds

What you should have learned:
1) Don’t do such a long series.
2) Don’t do soliloquies
3) That voice you used was weird, but kinda cool
4) This wasn’t as successful as your weird dance video
5) Keep up the good work


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