Losers of Election Night

The Losers: Democrats

 Really, if there was ever a group that could use Edward Bernays it’s the Democrats. Ever since they lost their long solid- conservative South (thanks to Nixon’s Southern Strategy) they have continually betrayed the trust of the American people and blown it every time they would gain public support or a majority. It’s like they realize  they only have a  2-4 year shelf life in which cram everything down our throats. They really, really need some marketing and PR specialists. Unfortunately, big plans don’t always work… unless you’re FDR.

 The Big Losers: Libertarians, Independents and people fed up with Politics

 Well the Tea Party seemed to be a legitimate independent- Ron Paul-esque movement for about a minute. Then the Karl Roves of the world found another way to reunite the Fiscal and Moral Conservatives with the common man. A fledgling Republican Party has once again been revived. We’ve given the keys back to the criminals.

 The Real Losers: The American People

 Well guess what, once again you were tricked. Hornswoggled. Scared by terms like “Obama Care” and “Bailout”, we as a people have decided to return the country to those who piloted it into eight years of wreckage… only to soon realize that this new angry tea movement really has no clear objective. What does that mean? Two years of a non functional- partisan government, Democratic sweep in 2012, Republican sweep in 2014. Cycle? Has anyone REALLY begun to realize this is all BS? This isn’t rival sports teams it’s the future of America.

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