Haipu: Part Deux-Doo

Apparently Haipu’s came up in my company’s social media brainstorming session. I thought I’d bring it back for round two.

As the official Pooet Laureate of Austin I feel it is necessary to release the HAIPU. Please, let your inner glory flow…

Waiting on my grump
Pinching an enormous chunk
Smell my stinky lump.

Deep within my bowels
A rumble begins to sound
Very scary growl.

9 thoughts on “Haipu: Part Deux-Doo

  1. Ryan Revolver says:

    Was sitting in boring class
    Passing major gas outta my ass
    I gotta go now yo’

  2. Scott says:

    Believe it or not, in the early 90s my best friends and i had graduated and were all working when someone came up with our first haipu or was it haipoo i cant remember. 20 or 30 poems and a few years later, someone in the san fran art/playhouse scene came across them and decided to turn them into a performance piece on stage. If i can find the originals or the performanxe i will forward for your amusement. Thanks brother, this page really made me laugh – and i needed it today. Peace

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