Best Of, Worst Of | 2010 IN REVIEW

Austin Eats and Entertainment

Downtown Bars
Best: Lustre Pearl
Quick Service, great patio, decent prices and a large enough mix of people as not to annoy me.

Worst: Annie’s West
Just try to order a drink if you are male… better to just stay crammed on the walkway with the other 200 thirsty guys.

 Classy Pizza and Wine
Best: Tony C’s

BBQ and a Brew
Best: Uncle Billy’s

Best: Twin Peaks

Worst: null

Mexican(ish) Food
Best:  Jovita’s

Outdoor Play land and Bar
Best: Freddie’s Place, Lil Woodrow’s

4th Street Brew
Best: Ginger Man

Worst: Fado

Music Venue
Best: Stubbs
Spacious and never a bad view… plus there is never a line at the porto pots (which are cleaner than most DT Bars).

Best: Texas Stars Hockey
Worst: UT Football

Swimming Holes
Best: San Marcos River
Bring your booze, your tube, your grill and 13 kids. I love the San Marcos River!

Worst: Barton Springs Pool
I came to drink and have fun not watch naked hippies swim laps.

Disc Golf
Best: Mary Moore Searight Park

Worst: Zilker Park

Best: Zilker
Plenty of space to let the wieners train or play soccer.

Worst: Bartholomew Park
Chances are you’ll step on a needle or get stabbed by a hobo.


Worst: Clash of the Titans


Reality Television
Best: Deadliest Catch
Captain Phil died! Damn.

Worst: Teen Mom and Real Housewives
So we need to sterilize poor and rich people?


Best: Healthcare

Worst: Tea Party 

Best: KLBJ’s Dudley & Bob; 590’s Mark, Ed and Sam
Sure I’m a bit biased but both shows stellar morning ratings (consistently 1 & 2) prove my PPM ratings theory: people don’t want to hear the same damn music every morning or syndicated shows. They want local entertainment in the form of talk radio.

Best: Squidbillies

Worst: Cleveland Show

Best: Lost

Worst: MTV

All I got for now.

The opinions expressed above represent my interpretation of experiences and may not reflect those of your own. If you are offended, please piss off.

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