Darkives Top Posts (1-5) | 2010 IN REVIEW

#5:Stupid Auto Correct

Published: Dec 21
Best Day: 258 Views
Original Post:

There is a popular website out about the random things auto-correct makes you send. I have quite a few of my own, so I thought I’d share.


#4: Interpol

Published: Oct 28
Best Day: 278 Views
Original Post:

Got a chance to meet Interpol and listen to few tracks while hosting the 101X Sound Check. Some lucky listeners got to join in as well. See you at the show tonight!

I got an extra ticket to giveaway, hit me up on twitter: @thecjmorgan


#3: Hipster, Hobo or in a Band
Published: Mar 20
Best Day: 290 Views
Original Post:


ACL Fest is right around the corner, so once again I’ll be capturing photos of bands, hipsters and hobos. Here’s a re-post of my popular SXSW game: Hipster, Hobo or in a Band.

Music Festivals (especially SXSW) seem to bring out the weird. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether someone is in a band, a homeless guy or just a good ole hipster. You can’t always rely on your sense of smell, which is why I am creating this database. Now we can learn to track and classify whether someone is a hipster, hobo or in a in a band.


#2: Vuvuzela

Published: Jun 14
Best Day: 376 Views
Original Post:

UPDATE: My boss has offcially banned vuvuzelas- both actual and electronic- from the KLBJ-101x offices. Too bad,I have another one coming in the mail.

Many people are annoyed by the buzzing sound created by the vuvuzela horn at soccer games. I love it so much that I ordered one and even made an audio clip. Now you can annoy the shit out of your co-workers just like me!

Download your own Vuvuzela Horn HERE


#1: YouTube Fame Reaches 100K

Published: Aug 26
Best Day: 613 Views
Original Post:

We’ve broke 100,000 pinches! That’s right, 100K. It’s a whole new ball game now.

UPDATE: Over 80,000 hits, apparently it played on the Today Show and is also on the homepage of www.msn.com. I wanted fifteen minutes of fame… not like this, NOT LIKE THIS!

Check out last week’s the Podcast that takes an in-depth look (WARNING- minor explicit/offensive): Episode Two: CJ Becomes a YouTube Star

So does this mean I made it? I posted a video and it has become viral. Over 10,000 views in a week. Who’s laughing now… dad? Check it out on YouTube or at: http://mthruf.com/2010/08/10/job-lols-that-extacy-into-teds-coffee/ , www.stoollala.com , videogum.com , www.uniquedaily.com.

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