Darkives Top Posts (6-10) | 2010 IN REVIEW

#10:  RicPerry Hair for Governor

Published: May 20
Best Day: 114 Views
Original Post:

Darkives has decided to endorse Rick Perry Hair for Governor of Texas. This announcement may come as a shock since I don’t usually support many politicians but due to recent events and conversations, I feel this is the right thing to do. Please listen to Rick Perry Hair’s commercials and distribute his literature to your friends.

DOWNLOAD: Perry Hair :60

DOWNLOAD: Perry Hair :30

Rick Perry Hair wants more straight razor barbershops and less restrictions on business. Scissors along our borders to protect us from illegal immigrants. Rick Perry Hair is Real Leadership for the common man, because when the common man becomes stressed, he goes bald.

 #9: Cheesy Smothered Meat Patty

Published: Mar 30
Best Day: 115 Views
Original Post:

It’s like they don’t even try anymore. “Uh, I guess we’ll call it Cheesy Meat Patty.”

Can you think of a more creative name?


#8: Thong Cyclist

Published: Oct 4
Best Day: 144 Views
Original Post:

As you may have seen or heard, there are a few creepy Thong Cyclists in town. I caught a few pics of this guy Sunday on W. 6th Street. He is only wearing a string and some sort of cup/sock like device which covers his junk.


#7: Gus the Magnificent

Published: Dec 7
Best Day: 148 Views
Original Post:

Gus the Magnificent attempts a dangerous and spectacular feat of magic at our company party:


#6: Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast: Episode 2

Published: Aug 12
Best Day: 164 Views
Original Post:

CJ is slowly becoming famous one YouTube click at a time. Associate Assitant Producer Ryan Revolver joins him to discuss what it’s like to be a star. Listen to the incredible story, learn how to skin a cat and even tips on how you can get famous on the internet too. Check out the video here: https://darkives.com/2010/08/11/youtube-fame/


DOWNLOAD: Episode Two By Clicking HERE


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