YouTube Videos | 2010 IN REVIEW

I created many videos last year but only TEN stood out. Well actually only two really stood out but that’s besides the point… Here are my top ten YouTube Videos:

10) Franzia Audition

Date Added: Oct 25
Views: 54

9) Soliloquy #9

Date Added: Aug 31
Views: 70

8 ) Epic Sword Play

Date Added: Aug 12
Views: 84

7) Dumps Like a Truck

Date Added: Aug 12
Views: 121

6) Caliente

Date Added: Aug 20
Views: 205


5) This is the News 

Date Added: March 30th
Views: 240
Comments: 0
Likes: 3

 4) Silversun Pickups

Date Added: July 20th
Views: 1,314
Likes: 3
Comments: 11
One of my favorite bands, great performance.TheDooet

3) Spoon

Date Added: Feb 20th
Views: 4,698
Likes: 19
Comments: 6
ughhh that was fkin awesome! can’t believe the crowd was so dead at the end. –hOTSAoOCE 


2) Alpha Rev

Date Added: April 29th
Views: 41,425
Likes: 43
Comments: 7
This song should definetly have a lot more views. Very nice song. – cam8673

1) Dance at Work

Date Added: July 22nd
Views: 127,377
Likes: 36
Comments: 43
Hell yes…you go boy!  Gettin’ it in for real!!! – SUGISTHENAME


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