Top 10 Concerts | 2010 IN REVIEW

10) Dr. Dog & Deer Tick
Venue: Emos
Date: May 5
Dr. Dog is always good and I was really excited to see Deer Tick. I had a great view with friends and managed to score an extra pair of tickets so my beer was free.

9) Nas & Damian Marley
Venue: Stubbs
Date: June 9
Dope ass beats and an all out dance party that wreaked of patchouli, pot and good times.


8 ) Flaming Lips
Venue: Austin Music Hall
Date: Mar 12
What a way to kick off my SXSW! The energy of the crowd and great music made up for the lack of a view.

7) The National
Venue: ACL Fest
Date: Oct 9
I did not make it onto the side stage and wandered off into the park to get more beer so I missed the beginning. Midway through my drunken stupor at Cage the Elephant I realized “WTF! National is playing right now!”. I ended up catching the last half of the set (at the same stage I first saw them 3 years ago) and was blown away by their passion and performance.


6) Interpol
Venue: Stubbs
Date: Oct 28
Not a spectacular show but getting to meet the band and listen to a sound check before the show notches this one of my top concert memories.


5) Iron and Wine w/ Calexico
Venue: Paramount
Date: July 29
Simply a beautiful performance! I randomly fell into tickets for the MANA & HAAM benefit they do every year and was SO glad I went. It was a great mix of casual and entertaining under the rooftop the Paramount Theatre.

4) Muse
Venue: ACL Bud Stage
Date: Oct 8
While hanging out at the Budweiser Lounge I discovered the meaning of right place/right time. After seeing the line, I was not expecting or worrying about seeing Muse from the side stage. As soon as the first song ended though, two girls came down and the security guy grabbed me and said “all right your up”. It was my first time on the side stage and even better- Bdoe was there.


3) Passion Pit
Venue: Stubbs
Date: Jun 18
I got to hang out next to the stage with all my friends/co-workers in the 101X lounge and witness an amazing set! I danced my ass off and apparently there’s video.


2) Muse
Venue: Stubbs (SXSW)
Date: Mar 18

No way could I top my birthday and day one of SXSW. No way…. right? Well night two began with an epic 6th street roof-top session with Doug Benson followed by BDoe and I actually making it into Muse at Stubbs. We met up with co-workers, my lady and best friend just in time for Muse. About halfway through the set, a refreshing gust of cold wind timed perfectly with the beginning of Undisclosed Desires and lasers to send the crowd into a frenzy. This was probably the best overall concert experience I’ve ever had.


1) Neil Young
Venue: Bass Concert Hall
Date: June 5

Nothing, and I mean nothing, was more special to than getting to take my father to see his favorite artist. Since I was a kid both my dad and I shared an appreciation for music – especially Neil Young. When I found out he was coming to town I thought it would be impossible to get tickets but I knew I had to. I secured tickets two days before the show and my parents were able to drive nine hours to make it….

The show itself? Amazing. If you have yet to see a show at the Bass Concert Hall then you must do so. We could not take pictures or video but the experience itself would not translate even if I did. Between songs Neil appeared old, fragile and quiet. While playing he was an absolute beast! Young bounced between three organs/pianos, six guitars and two harmonicas. The man has not missed a beat! I was- and still am- amazed at how incredible this show was! I do not know what was better: hearing my dad sing along to songs like Hey Hey My My, Down by the River and After the Gold Rush; seeing  Neil wreck on his own 15 minute psychedelic version of Cortez the Killer or the fact I was sitting next to my Pa when Young came out for the encore and played Old Man.


I’d love to hear about your favorite shows! Please Comment Below:

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