Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier | AUDIO

Probably our best voicemail yet. Apparently we are selling a 1977 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier on Craigslist.

Call and leave your message: 720-432-7513


Loosley transcribed by Google Voice:

“Hi, I was calling about the 19 77 minutes. Class Aircraft Carrier you have listed on craigslist. I’m definitely interested, but I wanna make sure that the nuclear reactor, Zoran working order and also did it come with any planes I’m looking at a few others that don’t and I can definitely be a game changer, specify strike fighters, so a couple of questions, or you the original honor and has it been rack toward tact. And also we you consider partial trade for a 1987 oldsmobile cutlass. 0 it’s got 209-3000 original miles, but they’re all highway. The thing is a Mills magnet it was uses delivery vehicle for medical testing labs transporting blood and urine. But, and forcing some of the here, it did still on the back seat, so the car has a bit of a piece. Now, Hi, Tried for breeze, but I couldn’t get this mail out. So I typically drive with the windows down and you’d probably wanna do the same. Other than that though the car dries fine. It’s awesome. Again, it’s like a milkman it so I can be awesome. So give me a call back and let’s schedule a test drive. I have a good feeling about this. Thanks.”

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