New Voice Messages | AUDIO

A couple of new voice messages via the Darkives Line: (720) 432-7513.

Random Guy

“Yeah man, this is some of the crazy I have had her her yeah I can’t wait to see you’re doing live because I don’t think you can. Yeah is gonna be a trailer actually and I will be wrong. Yeah no way to get some of that. Hey P, D needs. Helen forget. Yeah if you don’t like it. Your there. It’s me again. Hi Anne, and you gonna be found that out on what she has and, I must say, even though your show suck so bad. Yank you, because after i listened to the most recent podcast HI to look. She had And I was just stuff for quite sometime now, yo. Thank you know to your show. Yeah, and another require please get a a ring of Mexican on your show. Frank, you know.”


“Hi, I have a Jeff, Korean. So you find a job so the stroke. He walks into a car and he Hugh wants a drink, but the guy says no and But that’s not a joke. There’s more. And so he goes house side, all he says we own serve ropes here. That’s what he said the bartender. So that not the rope the rope. He did say that he goes outside. He He He, Of messes with his his broke hair. And he’d, he turns himself, into into a different shape. He goes back inside. He says The bartender but the rope the part under says I told you we don’t server ropes here and he says. I’m not. I’m afraid not, sis this is the part where you bye.”

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