Mystery Solved

We have solved the mystery… via Simpsons Wiki:

Wiseguy.gifRaphael (also commonly known as the Sarcastic Clerk, Wiseguy, or Middle-Aged Man), is a man with a sarcastic outlook on life.

He has held numerous jobs in Springfield including: garage owner, mail man, taxi driver, gun salesman,giving water to plants,and exterminator Noiseland Video Arcade proprietor and various shop clerks and handymen. He was also seen as a money changer in the First Church of Springfield after it had it’s makeover.[1] He is seen driving the Krusty glass vans around Evergreen Terrace [2]. He is also seen working alongside Sideshow Mel as a security guard for the Springfield Museum, and attacks Homer and Bart for “being in serious violation of his authority” [3], and has acted as a cameraman for at least one children’s show.[4] However, his most-occurring job is a repo-man, of which when he “accidentally” hurts Milhouse, he says “Ha ha! I love this job!” [5].

He is usually seen as a balding smoker with gray hair and a gray moustache. He usually refers to people as “boyo” or “pally”. In Boy Meets Curl, He Had Brown Hair, and in Krusty Gets Kancelled, he had Black Hair. As some of his nicknames imply, he also is quite sarcastic. He also apparenty enjoys low-brow humor as evidenced when Bart easily distracted him with a (false) mention of a bawdy limerick graffitied onto the men’s bathroom.

His voice is intended to resemble Charles Bronson, as seen when the Simpsons try to travel to Branson, Missouri, but mistakenly end up in Bronson, Missouri first.

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