“Scrimerick”| Drew’s Literary Corner

In honor of National Limerick Day, when English majors like myself salivate at writing softcore poetry, I choose to begin my Darkives blogging with a little number called, “Scrimerick.” For those unfamiliar with this particular patch of masculine skin, it is nestled between the twig and berries.

by Drew Kelly

Scratch, tug, and stroke the lonely scrim
Tucked up and under like a soft, leather trim.
It can’t get enough
Of being loved on and fluffed
In favor of berries or limb.

For the satchel gets quite enough praise
Same with shaft in various ways
But the scrim so discrete
Is truly a treat
For any man will give it due praise

So let us conclude with the moral
As beautiful as a rare coral
Yes the balls are nice
But what’s sure to entice
Is giving the scrim the satisfaction of oral.

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