Killer Mike Upset Over Moss’ Retirement | NEWS

Keeper League Fantasy owners aren’t the only ones upset after Randy Moss shockingly announced his retirement Monday. Rapper Killer Mike says Moss’ unexpected retirement has affected him financially and personally because the two still had a binding lyrical contract. Killer’s trade mark rhyme was to “catch a beat runnin’ like Randy Moss”. Simple but powerful words that has given Mike his street creditability since the early 2000’s.

“He feels burned… do you know how hard it is to get wide receivers to agree to a reasonable lyrical contract these days?” Mike’s agent says, “It’s nearly impossible! Everyone wants Weezy”. Currently, Little Wayne (known primarily as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr) has several NFL wide receivers on a long-term lyrical contracts including DeSean Jackson, Dez Bryant, Roddy White (who recently parted ways with the ATL’s own Dungeon Family) and Green Bay’s Greg Jennings. “Wayne’s just got it right now…it was a no brainer” Bryant added. “I mean,’you a sell out – but I aint buyin’– that sh*t’s real”.

Now that Moss is gone and the NFL lock out has ended, Killer Mike plans to sign some young talent soon. Mike’s agent also told us: “Let’s hope – for his creds and his family – at least, it gets done soon”.

C.J. Morgan – Editor in Chief
Darkives News

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