I mulled over the idea of doing a podcast for a while. Partly because I wanted another creative outlet, partly because I felt I could not get a full time gig on the radio. My friends convinced me to give it a try, so I jumped into one of the radio station’s voice over booths and laid down a track. Essentially, I wanted to do a fake radio show with cheesy imaging, music, fake commercials and even callers (who I would pseudo prank dial). Mid-way through I came up with the idea of having a different co-host every week that was responsible for providing content and banter. I phoned Gus and he quickly obliged to help me finish the show. The 15 minute free-form “radio show” sounded good so I decided to do a podcast every week. I now give you, a reposting of Episode One. Comment and enjoy!




One thought on “ONE

  1. Damn! You’ve improved on your podcast so much since episode 1. It’s great now, wish it was longer though! Keep up the good work!

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