Drew’s Literary Corner | “The Premature Rubaiyat of the Cockatiel”

I had to give myself an easier form of poetry after attempting some rather tricky ones. The following is a ruba’i, from the Arabic for “four,” and consists of four line stanzas in the form of AABA. Enjoy, but not too much because you might end up jizzing your pants before you’re ready.

The Premature Rubaiyat of the Cockatiel

by Drew Kelly

The cockatiel had never tandem flown

Ne’er been shown love with kisses blown

But tucked away from naked eye

With many a seed still left unsown

Now perching impatiently in a denim cage

The cockatiel shows its early age

Lifting off and screeching wildly

Finishing before it takes the stage

And when at last it’s given green light

Too late (or early) was its flight

So left to wallow in its soiled room

Is the cockatiel in sticky night.

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