My Wiener is Broken

I can’t resist making a wiener joke… even with something this serious. Anyhow, my five-year old Dachshund suffered a ruptured disc Saturday. I heard a loud scream/yelp from outside and ran down to see him dragging is back legs in a circle. He was in tremendous pain so I rushed him to the emergency vet clinic. After a quick diagnosis, it was clear he would need immediate surgery. We found out at 4pm that he survived the surgery, though he only has a 50/50 shot of being able to use his back legs again. He is currently in out-patient at the emergency clinic and being monitored for further complications. He has yet to regain feeling in his back legs and hopefully will soon.


I need everyone to send some positive vibes Miles’ way. He is a tough pup but has a way to go and a long road to recovery. Thanks to everyone for supporting our little man!

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