Help My Weenie

Yes, this is typically a humor blog but this is no joke. We are running out of options with Miles and could really use some help. There are so many great causes…  so please, only give what you can.  

The Story of Miles’ Operation

On Sunday, September 11th, I awoke to the sound of my dog, Miles, screeching in pain. I ran outside to find him dragging his hind legs in circles and falling over. He was rushed to the vet who discovered his disc had ruptured, pinching his spinal cord. The surgeon recommended an emergency operation. He survived and recovered from surgery, but after several months he is still unable to walk.

We are asking for your help so we can afford a cart ($400-$800) and other treatments such as acupuncture and laser therapy. A cart would greatly help improve the quality of his life and work towards a full recovery.

Miles is a happy puppy. He loves to play, cuddle and bark with his brother. There is no way I would consider putting him down. He is not in pain, suffering and is constantly cared for. However, the bills are adding up and it is tough emotionally and physically to care for Miles.

 How You Can Help

All of the money will go towards Miles’ cart and rehab. If there is anything left over, it will be put towards his surgery bill. Here is how you can help:

-I am auctioning off my sold out Radiohead tickets (FrankErwinCenter, Mar 7th). Bid on them here:

-Donate anonymously via Pay Pal:


4 thoughts on “Help My Weenie

  1. Denise Brown says:

    hi. i just posted info and links on my page >>>

    i also used the photo of Miles and his brother as my avatar and made mention of your Radiohead tickets auction.

    give my love to Miles and his brother. ♥

    (i heard about his need for a cart/wheels on today’s Dudley and Bob Morning Show.)

  2. Nate Manhart says:

    Your Cart Is on its way ! I have it almost complete , And the Huge amount of support that came with the Building of ” Make Miles Mobile ” Project .. I wish Miles a very long and Happy life with his new set of Wheels..
    Your Friend ,
    Nathan Effin Manhart

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