Ryan Revolver Reviews

Ryan Revolver Reviews: The Women in Black

Okay… Three high school girls are babysitting on Halloween night, and one of the girls’ deranged brothers (who escaped from an insane asylum) is after them…Ummmm. NO! That’s John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Ummmm. What’s the movie? Okay so a special needs kid drowns at a camp because the counselors aren’t paying attention. No, that’s Jason.

Oh I know! A janitor is brunt alive by angry parents because he molested children. Wait, is that Jerry Sandusky? No. Oh, no, I know what movie that is A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Oh yeah I know what movie I was supposed to talk about, The Women In Black

This film was just barely able to elevate my heart-rate. Mr. Harry Potter did not add any lighting or thunder to this. And the women wearing black was only scary due to lighting techniques.

Ryan Revolver Reviews: Chronicle

Three high school students get extraordinary powers in Chronicle…

Not gonna lie, I felt sympathetic towards the Andrew character. Poor kid had it rough between how classmates treated him and his father’s very bad parenting. Chronicle shows what would happen if immature high school students had special powers, you can substitute the words “high school students” with CJ and Chuy if you want too.

The cinematography was bar-none, but that didn’t make up for the fact that the ending scene was yawntastic, and definitely had a “green screen” feel to it. The lack of life experience of the super kids ultimately is what leads to their demise.

This was an interesting concept for a movie, but not interesting enough for me to fly away with it.


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