Ryan Revolver Reviews

Ryan Revolver Reviews: Bullhead

Jacky is an intensely formidable cattle farmer who is asked to tag along with his veterinarian as he sets up a deal to supply a big time beef trader with hormones. In Bullhead.

This movie reminded me of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and of Snatch – both films rampant with different activities of criminality that lend themselves to solid development. More is revealed of characters after first appearances, which kept me fixated on the screen. Between cops, an undercover informant, two mechanics, and a counter girl there are several sub stories, which incorporate seamlessly into the story of Jacky. If you do not dive into foreign films regularly, then they can seem more intense than what comes out of Hollywood. Matthias, who plays Jacky, charges into the role. He  displays to the viewer that Jacky is more raging animal than gentle giant. His performance is beyond impressive, and consumes every scene in which he appears. 

Bullhead will be playing at select Alamo Drafthouse locations starting February 17. Bullhead is nominated for an Oscar in the Foreign Language Film category. The 84th annual Academy Awards take place February 26th.


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