Ryan Revolver Reviews: Ghost Rider, Comin’ At Ya

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage stars once again as Johnny Blaze. This time around Blaze is hiding in Europe, and is called upon to protect a young boy who is being sought after by the devil himself.

Spirit of Vengeance was a HUGE improvement over the first Ghost Rider movie; with more of a gritty feel, as opposed to the pun-tastic nature of the first film. Nicolas Cage’s acting was more erratic, which suits him better than his attempts at serious roles. 

A more inclusive supporting cast gave Cage enough to bounce off of, which hid the mediocre storyline between scenes of the transformation process from Blaze to Rider quite well (not to mention the fact that you are watching a guy with a skull for a head that is on fire.)

Now, this is not the best action movie of all times, but it is more than adequate considering who is the star of the movie. I would go see this movie again and suggest that the first Ghost Rider movie be stricken from the record and use this movie as a fresh slate for Nick Cage.

Comin’ At Ya!

Comin’ At Ya! takes place in the wild west, where H.H. Hart is hell-bent on rescuing his kidnapped wife from two brothers. The two brothers, Pike & Polk are kidnapping women all along theRio Grande and then selling them to Mexican Brothels.

This goofy western flick hummed out overblown stereotypes in every scene. The use of 3D was irrelevant & was delivered to the audience as if a 12 year old was in charge of cinematography. The acting was below sub-par, and borderlines on soap opera performances. Tony Anthony was trying to channel his inner Charles Bronson in his role as H.H. Hart, while Gene Quintano was flat as the main villain Pike.

If more substance was added to the final shootout, the movie could have remedied itself. Even the slow motion hand-to-hand fight between Anthony and Quintano was lifeless. Comin’ At Ya! will be playing at select Alamo Drafthouse locations starting February 24th.


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