Angst and the Two Party Hustle

Angst and the Two Party Hustle
Guest Commentary by @the_dt_show 

How often do we get sucked into the same bullshit?  Every two years, to varying degrees, we get caught up in the left/right hustle perpetuated by the two party system that has malignantly infected our society since the third presidential election.   Each party puffs their chests, sucking their stereotypical supporters into a black hole vortex of half-truths and political misdirection culminating into a pseudo-conflict of “my team is better than yours.” 

This year the good cop/bad cop shenanigans are more blatant than ever.  After a failed half assed attempt to bring awareness to the fact that The United States is a managed market and not a free market – via governmental bailouts of bad business decisions;  the Occupy Movement crashed and burned.  Central to the perceived failure is that they were too laid back in their organization and did not focus their message. Allowing other movements to join bolstered their numbers, but it also diluted their core message to the point of extinction.  Ironically the core message of the Occupiers is not much different from the Tea Partiers though I do not think they realize it.  Occupy was protesting the corporate greed that was supported and condoned by a large centralized federal government being protested by the Tea Party.   I am sure the Democratic party was waiting in the wings, salivating at the opportunity to take it over and harness it as their very own grassroots strike team – much like the way the Republican party hijacked the original Tea Party movement, whose leaders started embracing political sellouts like Sarah Palin and to a lesser extent (at least nationally) Texas Governor Rick Perry.  

If the two organizations had gotten together, and pooled their political power, this article may never have come into existence.  Unfortunately, but fortunately for my ego, by the time the Occupy movement stirred, the Tea Party had already sold out to social conservative parasites hell bent on legislating morality and removing personal responsibility from the individual.  This is blatantly apparent in the platform of the now failed campaigns of both Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry.  Michelle Bachmann’s hardcore stance on banning porn and maintaining a moratorium on homosexual marriage spits in the face of the fundamental rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to us in the Declaration of Independence.  Rick Perry’s transgressions occurred at a state level where he tried to not only forcefully inoculate young girls against the HPV virus – but attempted to do via executive order, circumnavigating the state legislature.  There is also his stance on the gay marriage thing, where out of one side of his mouth he claims to support state’s rights and out of the other declares that he’d define marriage at the federal level. 

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t only a rightwing hit piece.  The democrats and their fucking lackeys are equally full of shit.  Notably in regard to the hell they raised about Bush’s bailouts (he started this mess by the way); their hypocritical support of Obama’s bailout plan; and their peacocking over the start of the Iraqi/Afghan wars and their silence at their continuance.

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