Darkives: Two Years Strong

Two years ago on this day, I decided to start a blog. This isn’t your typical ‘I’m a writer’ –slash- ‘look at me typing about my life’ –slash- ‘check out my concert and restaurant reviews’, no, it’s much worse. Darkives is essentially a collection of the weirdness I create or document on a day to day basis. Call it an outlet for my ‘creativity’ or a website to host the manic Photoshop and fake commercial impulses I occasionally have. Whatever you call it, it’s inconsistent at best – and I hope to change that.

Rarely will you see re-blogged content. I hate that. It’s a cheap and easy way to get hits – albeit in this Reddit and meme driven world you don’t really need to create content to get attention. Just repost the Condescending Wonka you saw on Facebook and BOOM! You’re a star.

Anyhow, I digest.

It’s been a great two years: From the Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcasts, to my YouTube Dance video fame, Stupid Auto Correct, Rick Perry’s HairHipster, Hobo or in a Band?, Haipu’s the live events and much more. I hope to recharge, revamp and re-excite this website.

Thanks for your click,

CJ Morgan

One Blog to rule them all, One Blog to find them, One Blog to bring them all, And in the Darkives bind them.

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