Two Years of Top Posts

Here’s a few of the top posts from my last two years:

Stupid Auto Correct | PICS    
Help My Weenie    
The Dude and Me | PIC    
Interpol “Lights” | BEAT OF THE WEEK    
YouTube Fame- 100K    
Rick Perry Hair for Governor | POLITICS    
Stupid Auto Correct pt. 2 | PICS    
Thong Cyclist | PIC    
Christian Bale @ ACL Fest | PICS    
3 hrpuff n stuff    
Happy Side Boob Sunday!    
Vuvuzela | AUDIO    
Hipster, Hobo or in a Band?    
CGJRPC 28 | Planking, Podcasting and Strippers    
Best of Stupid Auto Correct | PICS    
All I Can Do Is Dance | VID    
Interpol | PICS    
Who is this Simpsons Character?    
How LeBron-to-Dallas Could Happen:    
Company Birthday Photo | PIC    
Darkives Anniversary Party Photos pt 3 | PICS    
Chuy in Porn? | PIC    
CGJRPC Ep 33 | Fires, Broken Wiener and What Happened to Charlie Hodge?    
Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast | EPISODE TWO: CJ becomes a YouTube Star    
CGJRPC 30 | Stankface, Hadouken and Paper or Plastic?    
Christmas Cards from Friends | PICS    
Cop Forces Dog to Watch him Fornicate | PIC    
CGJRPC Episode 20 | Masturbation Month, Hey There BDoe and More Masturbating    
Hipster, Hobo, In a Band or Phish Fan.    
Matt Bearden Meets ACL Mike | PICS    
Soccer Players Whose Names Might be Confused for Poop Terms    
Gus the Magnificent | GIF    
My New Band: El Grupo los Guapos del Norte peforms on La Z    
SXSW Happy Fun Time Vol. I | PICS    
Twin Peak’s Mountain Top Trivia    
Radio, Ratings and Rants    
Darkives Commercial | VID    
Mystery Solved    

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