Moontower Magic

Moontower Magic
Special Guest Commentary by David Thomas

My friends, have you ever had a night that you expected to be fun, but turned out to be completely awesome?  I had such a night on Friday April 28th, 2012.  This night could not have been better had Walt Disney crawled out of his Nazi loving grave and wrote the script himself.

Throughout the day, I had been receiving tweets from comedian Bryan Gutmann to go out to the Mohawk club and check out a last minute comedy show featuring himself, Scott Kennedy and Matt Bearden as part of the Moon Tower Comedy Festival.  So I did.

I cruised downtown and parked my ass at Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub on Red River and waited for my buddy Neal to show up and to kill some time.  Three Jameson and Ginger Ale’s later, we’re headed to the Mohawk right as headliner JB Smoove was wrapping up his headlining set.  Even the cops were laughing as he did this insane bit about hotdogs. 

The free show was to be in the smaller back room of the club and it was packed to the gills.  You know, sometimes a show doesn’t fire on all cylinders.  Sometimes a particular comedian may be off his game, or the room is tough or whatever.   This was not the case for the three wayward comedians.  All three were funny as hell and Matt Bearden even graced us with a puppet show. 

Afterwards Neal, two other buddies (Mark and Doug), and I cruised up to the green room and found out that there was an after party going on at the Stephen F. Austin ballroom.  We beat feet over there.  Mark was the only one with a badge, but you know what?  When you walk in like you own the place, people don’t ask many questions.

Comics frolicked to and fro.  Laughing here, drinking there, and so and so forth.  All types from all levels were in attendance.   Jeffrey Ross, JB Smoove, Bil Dwyer, and Dana Gould were just a few nationally known comics to make their appearances.  Local Austin talent was there as well:  Mike MacCrae, Jonathan Pace, Chris Cubas, and Matt Bearden just to name a few.  It was great.  They were all cordial and willing to chat.  Bil Dwyer is a pretty funny dude off the stage as well.  Too many comedians to count and I was already three sheets to the wind.  It was one of those rare, awesome nights, which had me hitting the hay at three thirty in the morning.

If you are looking for a way to become familiar with the local comedy scene here in Austin, be sure to check out Punch Comedy on Tuesday nights at Cap City Comedy Club.  Matt Bearden runs the show and hand picks each and every comic that performs.  Bryan Gutmann has been there as well as Chris Cubas, Jonathan Pace, Mike MacCrae, JR Brow, and Maggie Mae.  It’s only five buck so if you hate it, who cares right?

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