Flogging Molly

Floggin Molly
Special Guest Commentary by David Thomas

Flogging Molly, who never puts on a bad show, continued their streak of high energy performances this past Friday May 18, 2012.  This time though, they decided to forgo their usual outdoor venue at Stubbs Waller Creek Ampitheater on 8th and Red River and instead chose the ACL Live Moody Theater on the newly named Willie Nelson Blvd. 

With the new statue of Willie Nelson casually guarding the stairs, the venue proved to be a good fit for the band and their opening act, Brothers of Brazil.  The floor seats were removed in order to make room for fans who wanted to get up close and personal… and do a bit of moshing (even to the slow songs); while the mezzanine and the balcony provided unhindered views for the more laid back concert goers.  Everyone in attendance had easy access to beverages, and despite a very full venue; the lines weren’t bad for beer and booze.  The only setback is the drink price, but if you consider all the perks that come along with it, it isn’t much of a concern.  To get an idea, two pint sized cans of Imperial beer cost $14.00. 

Flogging Molly is neither a stranger to Austin nor to the Moody Theater.  I first saw them in 2008 at Stubbs and every year since.  Last fall they filmed the season premiere of Austin City Limits with Mumford and Sons.  Not all of their opening acts share the same style of music but they do share the energy.   The band, Brothers of Brazil, is no different.  Here is a pic that is better than what I have in stock.

 Hailing form Sao Paolo, Brazil, Supla (drums and vocals) and Joao (guitar and vocals) are real life brothers who have been on this joint musical venture for a while and been seen on Van’s Warped Tour, Planet Earth, and SWU Music + Arts Festival. 

It is a bit tricky trying to classify the duo’s style of music.  As I walked onto the floor of the theater, they were playing a song that sounded like a mix of The Dresden Dolls and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  Afterwards the sound started to look more like 80’s new wave.  In any case, they were a good choice to get the show going.  They have a website, which is a smart move in the information age, that sheds light on the band and has quite a few samples for new fans to check out; just Google “Brothers of Brazil.”

Flogging Molly took the stage at 9:15 playing a mix of songs spanning their six studio albums.

“Black Friday Rule” featured a maniacal guitar solo by guitarist Dennis Casey which culminated in him playing his guitar with his shoe and kicking it across the stage.  George Schwindt joined him with an equally lengthy drum solo.  While this was going on, the rest of the band left the stage presumably to get waffles from the food trailer across the street.   All jokes aside, Flogging Molly did not disappoint.  But then again, they never do. 

 If you’ve never heard of either band, they are definitely worth checking out.  Flogging Molly is a band that I will consistently buy whole albums from and Brothers of Brazil offer a fresh take on fast paced energy driven music.

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