Darkives 2nd Anniversary Party & Podcast Review

Darkives 2nd Anniversary Party & Podcast Review
Special Guest Commentary by David Thomas
Photos by @MikelaFloyd

What happens when you get a bunch of people packed tightly into a neighborhood dive bar that calls itself a lounge with no working a/c, drunken radio DJ’s, booze, the Funniest Person in Austin winner, and a blow up punching bag with Tupac’s face taped to it?  You get the Darkives.com Anniversary Party.

The Nomad bar is on the corner of Corona and Cameron.  This means it is behind the Capital of Texas Plaza.  This has nothing to do with the story except that it is the location of the party… so anyway, on to the shenanigans.  The fiesta kicked off at 7pm with a mix of #Warriors, Rowdy Rockers and befuddled regulars who sat as far from the stage as possible and scratched their heads wondering why there was a dub step deejay turning knobs and looking at a computer screen.  Actually, DJ Lufa, or Loofa, or Lupha did a good job with the music – kudos to him. 

B-Doe, the KLBJ FM drive time DJ was on emcee duty and begged for a new job to some guy that sits at a desk at the radio station.  Charlie ‘effin Hodge showed up too since there is a lot of podcasting crossover going on.  He’s been a staunch supporter of Darkives and their Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast since the beginning.  

Ramin Nazer has been making his rounds since his coup d’état (I don’t get to use that term often, and even though it probably wasn’t a coup, I’m still going to use it) at the Funniest Person in Austin Contest. 

Last night he graced the Nomad and Darkives, with his presence.  He was the Raminiest, Ramin Nazer of them all. 

Yet despite the clout, prestige and credibility brought to the celebration by Mr. Nazer; he was upstaged by a superstar that transcends the modern concept of fame – whose stardom is forever recorded in the annals in pop-culture.  Ladies and gentlemen, the celebrity whose glowing corona of charm and charisma that the revelers of the Darkives anniversary party basked in was none other than Tube Pac!  He didn’t say much but when it is Tube Pac, he really doesn’t need to. 

After the conclusion of the podcast, the CJ, Chuy, and Tube Pac graciously took photos with their rabid fans, hung out and consumed vast amounts of beer and hard liquor.  It was a good night. 

I spoke to CJ after it was all said and done, and like any other artist he is his own worst critic.  He mentioned an annoyance with the lack of bass in his music.  I assumed that this is like listening to country music without wanting to commit suicide.  In any case it is a living breathing project, as the aliens who designed us know, every living, breathing project occasionally coughs.

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