Dear Friends…

Dear Friends,

Wow. 2012. What a year. A lot of ups and downs, new friends, new house, the ending of a relationship and the start of my radio career. It has been a bizarre, intriguing and wild ride. But really, it has yet to begin.

I hope to take 2013 to new heights, do things I’ve never done before. Finally get into stand up, start that web skit show, get Miles walking again, travel, eat right (at least eat breakfast), work out more, save money, focus on my mental health, get a tattoo, come to terms with my drinking (doesn’t mean stop or drink any less, just come to terms), relieve stress, buy a new car, laugh more – and yes, a lot of masturbation.

I am going to hone my craft and hopefully become the best possible source of laughter and entertainment for all of you. Like Larry the Cable Guy. Stick with me because 2013 is going to be a great year! I hope to be a positive influence in YOUR life in some small way – even if it’s just laughing at my wiener jokes. Or at my wiener itself.


CJ Morgan

PS: I am not high or still drunk from last night.
PSS: This is not a suicide note.

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