I was mildly accosted while hosting a pageant

Last week I was asked to host the Miss Haven pageant. Naturally, I said yes. The Platinum SXSW badges and $1,000 cash prize brought out some wonderful contestants… and some crazy drunkenness. After the bikini round the DJ asked me to strut my stuff (which always ends up with me shirtless). Midway through my bit, a lady jumps up on stage and proceeds to get undress… and moderately violate me. After we wrestled for control of the microphone, security came and ‘rescued’ me, she was later kicked out and arrested. Apparently this is nothing new (she was on the TV show Bad Girls Club a few years ago). Poor dear. I guess.

All in all, it was a fun night and everyone seemed to have a great time… until the winner was crowned (as with any pageant). The lovely burlesque blonde bombshell Ziggy Ramsey won and I made it through the night without drinking and getting attacked. (Instagram photos courtesy of BadJohn Paul ).


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