HDay HollyWoo Skinny

It’s the hump day Hollywood skinny, or as we say in the biz – the hol-woo-skin.

Does tayor swift want to steal your boyfriend? The answer might me YES! Tay-swifs secret manscripts were recently discovered in a cave outside a remote village in Yemen. The scripts contain lyrics and plans for the pop-country singer to eventually steal every boyfriend on the planet! T-Sw denies creating the ancient scrolls but does admit to being thousands of years old and thinking your boyfriend is kinda cute.

Avril Levine returns to the lime light as part of dancing with the stars leaving many new viewers to wonder why the ABC reality show would allow a little boy to dance with a full grown man. Sick!

Beyonce has offended Christian followers after admitting she is over taken by a demon on stage who makes her dance and perform in a provocative manner. The demon, known as Sash Fierce, appears once a month for a few days and as her husband Jay Z says, can make Beyoncé act really mean and crazy! Kinda sounds like a bitch is one of the rappers problems.

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