Hollywood Skinny

Does Taylor Swift know something about the Beiber we don’t?

Hey I’m Casey James and its your hump day Hollywood skinny!

After last Sundays Billboard awards video caught Tay Swif making quite the stank face after seeing Justin Beiber and Selena Gómez kiss. Does that mean Tay-SSS realizes J-Beeb is a lesbian and Sel-Go is really an alien from outer space!!!!

Speaking of See -Gome, the singing might be pregnant! She recently canceled several appearances and was seen out and about with a bit of a bump on here tum. Is the star holding a half – alien half lesbian seed inside that might doom humanity? Her doctor says, not at this time but it is feasible.

Fresh off a break-up, Chris Brown decided it was time to get a puppy. Here’s a clip of the two playing out back:

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