Hollywood Skinny

Amanda Bynes is in trouble again and this time she’s using the insanity defense! According to her parents, the actress might be schizophrenic and possessed! When asked for a comment , she said —————

LeBron James’ secret relationship is out in the open! The Heat star was reportedly screwed by the refs after Tuesday night’s game.  But guess what, this isn’t the first time! According to many claims by James and his teammates, he has been getting F’d by NBA referees for years. LeBron’s secret love for being f’d by several officials at once didn’t help him the other night though,  he fouled out of the game midway through the third quarter.

Christina Aguilera is shedding some serious weight! The singer has been dropping the pounds thanks to a new diet that costs nearly $1,400 a day. The diet involves hourly enemas coupled with a carnivorous stomach virus. The weight loss program is famous for helping  to trim the population of Burma.

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