Humpday Hollywood Skinny

This is your creamy scoop of celebrity pop-gossip!

Christina Aguilera has eaten the Voice! The reality show slash singing competition was preparing for its two hour finale next week when in walked one hungry judge. Aguilera reportedly devoured everything at the craft services table, followed by the set, cameras, union workers and even the signature chairs – with her fellow judges in them. Luckily, Christina has passed the show without problem and the finale is actually considered to be a better piece of shit than the original production.

Clashes between Turkish police and protesters have resumed in Istanbul despite a warning from the prime minster.  Police used tear gas and water cannons injuring dozens of frantic demonstrators. The protests have continued to widen and demonstrators are accusing the government of becoming increasingly authoritarian. George Clooney could not be reached for comment

Amanda Bynes naked? Perhaps. The troubled teen star has apparently received an offer from Playboy. Unfortunately for us, we won’t be seeing those sweater puppies anytime soon. The actress turned the offer down after she realized it was to host a radio show on Playboy’s XM network… and not get naked in front of the cameras or do anything mildly degrading. A homelessman did offer her half a bottle of malt liquor to squeeze her rear.

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