Facebook posts that should get you blocked

Is there anything I do that annoys you on Facebook? I’m sure. I post WAAAAY too much. But, it’s part of my job trying to be an entertainer and interweb celebrity. There are a lot of things that YOU do that annoy the crap out of me. If you don’t want to get blocked, you should go over my list 1)      Posting anything religious. I don’t care to see quotes from the scripture or whatever book you believe in. I also don’t care if you are an atheist hell bent on disproving religion. Keep all that S to yourself because, trust me on this, NO ONE CARES.
2)      Keep Calm and get Blocked. Seriously, unless you are The Chive or a 1942 London resident, I don’t want to see any of your damn “Keep Calm…..” memes. It’s tired and old.
3)      Do not message me on Facebook. I don’t read them and I rarely respond. Well, unless you are a beautiful woman. In fact, I e3ncourage all ladies to message ME., That’s fine. No dudes!
4)      I am glad you like to eat right and work out but I don’t want to read about you “crushing it at the gym” or how insane your leg workout day was. If you are that insecure and need to let everyone know how in shape you are, just post nude photos already.
5)      If it starts with “O” and ends with “Hussein” don’t even bother clicking “post”. Seriously, you look stupid.

So, there’s a start to the list. Did I leave anything out?

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