Hollywood Skinny

Filling your ears with creamy scoops of Hollywood gossip! I’m Casey James and this is your Skinny.

Pitbull bought a new hat. The rapper is celebrating another year being in the game – which is great news for all disabled person who suffer from the same disease. Pitbull has a rare condition in which he can only utter one word or phrase.  The disease has become popular thanks to a character on HBO’s Game of Thrones who can only say HODOR.

Does Lady Gaga have a new cat? Rumors are that pictures of her pussy have surfaced on the internet. I have yet to see them myself but is you Google Gaga’s pussy you can see the furry little critter. Congrats on the new pet gagz!
Speaking of good girls gone bad, Miley Cyrus has turned in to quite the naughty lil goaty goat. The singer and actress gone baaaaaad recently posed in a picture showing a bit of wool and even her hiney!

That’s the H-Wood Skin Nay! We’re back next week with more scoops of creamy gossip.

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