Stop Sucking UT

Is the University of Texas merely a shadow of itself?

The pride of our city (Austin) and state (Texas) keep slipping in all the categories that are important. I came to this area to go to the University of Texas. Although I did not get in and went to Texas State (where the standards are much lower), I still consider myself a Longhorn – when things are good. But right now, they are NOT good.

The football team has  been in a state of suck since Colt McCoy graduated and now the ball is being dropped in two other major areas of concern.  I am not talking about Men’s Basketball or Baseball. I am talking about partying and women.

Texas has fallen to the number six party school according to Playboy’s last issue. In a town known for drinking, eating sex, partying, 6th street, music, beautiful people, good weed and keeping it weird… you would expect a higher ranking than oh, Morgantown “I  can marry my cousin” West Virginia. I expect to see wild blowouts and unique shindigs of Van Wilder proportion.  All that exist, however, are tailgates with grown men (who never went to college) and Fraternity parties at houses fancier than the Capitol Building with men who’s style & hair would make Rick Perry envious.

It get’s worse. We’ve also dropped to number 12 on the hottest coeds list. Is this because the hot girls of nowadays all go to Texas State, Tech and Houston? Are rich people and Texas Exes not breading beauties anymore? Sorry if I sound like a fair-weather fan, I just expect more. Stop Sucking UT.

Top Party Schools
1. West Virginia University
2. University of Wisconsin
3. University of Colorado
4. University of Southern California
5. Florida State University
6. University of Texas
7. Louisiana State University
8. University of Georgia
9. Arizona State University
10. University of Maryland

Sexiest University Co-eds:




Now let’s get that Texas Spirit back!  

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