I got a ticket, I’m going to fight back

The Panhandle of Texas is notorious for it’s speed traps. For the first time in my 15 years of driving I got caught in one. Highway 287 runs through some notorious traps like Iowa Park, Quannah, Clarendon, Vernon and worst of all, Estelline. I had safely made it through Estelline and I was on my way out of Childress.

Coming in and out of towns the highway drops incrementally from 75-70-65-55-45-40-35 then ramps back up to 75 as you leave (in some variation). I am in sight of the 70mph sign when I see a white Dodge pickup (like the railroads use) on the other side of the highway. He flipped on his lights and came after me. I thought surely I would get a warning for this but no, it was a speed trap. I was allegedly doing 65 in a 55 (seconds  away from the 70) and will have to pay a $165 fine. Naturally, I am upset about that but this is so much more than me just getting a ticket. This small town speed trap BS needs to be addressed and fought! I can understand why they would get people speeding coming into town. It’s a safety issue. But to sit at the 70mph marker and wait for people leaving is predatory, unjust and should be illegal. Childress will not see a dime from me anytime soon.

What should I do?
-Pay in quarters
-Fight it
-Delay the court date again and again wasting my time and there time
-Crowd source to raise money, pay my ticket, then raise more money to fund a political campaign and run some moron against the judge and constable
–Pay it and take defensive driving

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