Twelve Amazing ACL Secrets

The Austin City Limit’s Music Festival is not solely about the music going down inside Zilker Park. A big part of the fun for festival goers are the secret shows, the back stage parties, the VIP and the insider exclusives. Daniel Tosh & Dave Chappelle together, , Good thing, as a radioman, I’m one of those insiders. NOTE: It’s very important you read all the way to the bottom if this post.

1) Meet n Greet with Thom Yorke, Dave Gahan or Josh Homme

The people from the Growing Art, Friendship, Family and Education (GAFFE) have set up another exciting series of meet-n-greets with several acts from this year’s festival. To get on the list for one of these discussions or meets, click here

(only one RSVP per person. If the link brings you back just clear your browser history).

2) Jeff Tweedy to play hole in the wall

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco announced he’ll be performing next door to a local dive bar. I will update with more details as soon as they become available.

3) Comedy Stage

For one night only, the ACL Fest Comedy stage will elevate it’s game with the headlining duo of Daniel Tosh and Dave Chappelle.  Conan O’Brien will emcee the show which also includes Hannibal Burress, Tom Segura, Sarah Silverman, Steven Wright, Amy Schumer, Matt Bearden and Adam Wolf.

4) Free Goodies from the National

The National have been forced to cancel a second week of shows due to the government shut down. However, they are making up for it by offering all ticket holders a free health screening, enema bags and dental floss.

5) Lionel Richie

Bizarro Lionel Richie is set to perform the Netherverse. The metamorphoses you will undertake to get into the show is something similar to death. For tickets, find the guy with a long beard and no shirt. He’s in the tree near the BMI Stage.

6) The Free Beer Tent

It’s true. There is a free beer tent inside the festival. Here’s how you can get all the free ACL Fest booze your tummy can handle.

7) Map with Secret Shows

Last week one I overheard one of the main event producers from C3 mention a hidden map that reveals the location of several secret shows, free beer tents and even buried treasure! The red dotted line will lead you to several hidden clues. Piece them together and you will be the ACL Fest king!

8) Epic Rap Battles Featuring Method Man & Ghost Face Killer vs Mos Def & Talib Kweli

Right next to the comedy tent is the hip-hop stage. Sucks that you’ll have to decide whether you want to see Daniel n Dave or the Wu Tang Clan battle Black Star.

9) RSVP now for SXSW!

RSVP now for your chance to get in line! I know it’s ACL Fest time but it is never too late to RSVP for your spot in a line at SXSW. To get on the list to RSVP to stand in the line, email

10) Free Beer and Chips! Wahoo!

Free beer and chips party at the 7/11 on Barton Springs. To RSVP, go in, grab a case and run out yelling “wahoo”.

11) Pharmtech and the Umbrella Corporation present the Legends of Austin Party

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s returns to play a midnight set alongside his statue at Auditorium Shores. Special appearance by Janis Joplin. You will need a Ouija board to RSVP. SRV’s undead publicist says “ooooooooooohhh” and later went on to mention and there is slight chance you will get your brains eaten.

12) Space Jam
The Groolacks from planet Wdrayz 9 will be hosting a free series of aftershows featuring Phoenix, MS MR and A$AP Rocky. Get into the show by attaching a brain leach to your head and climb on board their anything goes* party ship

*Anything goes might include but is not limited to anal probing and the enslavement of the entire human race

**All this is made up

***Or is it?

****yes it is all fake

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