My Cat Scan

Yesterday I had to leave work early because I was experience some strange symptoms. I mentioned it on my twitter and failed to give an explanation so I thought I would tell my story here. That and it makes for some decent click-bate and web traffic.

Last week I hit my head on this trunk. Hard.

Monday I was bolting this metal headboard to my bed frame. I stood up too fast and pounded my head into the end of it.

In a fit of childish anger I then head-butted this wall.

I woke up Tuesday morning with blurred vision and could not figure out why. A few hours later, my left hand began to go numb. Finally I left work and went to the ER, only to wait for an hour and a half. I decided to go eat and go back to work. I felt much better but something was still off so I returned to a different emergency room.

The result of my x-ray and CT Scan: Concussion. I got a shot in the butt, some meds and should be fine. Unfortunately though, my NFL career is over.

Next time, Dd;sdvkls DSNCDKN D h dvbvs vn cvskxjvb vbjbdjf. svno;nvz mibngcchzzzzzzzzz

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