Ep 16: Charlie Hodge

This episode features a very special guest: podcaster, radioman and all around entertainer Charlie Effin Hodge! We talk about the glory days of radio, Cuban subs, golden ropes of pee, toll roads, the future of podcasting, fishing for bails of pot and wrecking Porsches. Chuy gets to drive around a well known band this weekend, Carissa is still sick and CJ gets the bill for his trip to the ER. Charlie is also here to talk about his big event, the Halloween Hullabaloo FestivalTickets are only $16 and it features a great lineup: Filter, Ramin Nazer, Mac Blake, the Dirty Worms, Morgan Wade and more! It’s this Saturday starting at 2:45. Make sure to add it to your rotation of Halloween Saturday events!

This podcast is intended for a mature audience. The content expressed, implied and/or played on this show do not reflect the views and opinions of it’s hosts, guests, Emmis Austin Radio, it’s advertisers or really anyone for that matter. Seriously, we are not even responsible for anything we’ve said. Actually, you know what, JUST DON’T LISTEN.


Feel free to drop a buck or two (to buy swag & snacks):

Elements from this Episode:

45lbs of Pot

Taking a toll

Owner Co-Owner City/State Unpaid Toll Transactions Total Amount of Tolls and Fees Owed
Ronny Williams Cora Lewis Pflugerville, TX 14,358 $236,026.32
Mandy Dyment Stephen Dyment Hutto, TX 10,566 $217,619.79
Renee Lee Ferguson Hutto, TX 8,718 $166,506.35
Taniqua Evans Hutto, TX 7,777 $158,705.16
Theresa Twyefort Pflugerville, TX 6,280 $149,418.37
Amee J Geren Round Rock, TX 6,692 $145,341.08
Judy Blundell Taylor, TX 5,952 $141,755.21
Ashley A Canada Austin, TX 7,100 $139,344.62
Laura A Gregory Round Rock, TX 6,111 $132,750.33
Mina Henderson Hutto, TX 5,193 $124,132.84
Tracey N Smith Hutto, TX 5,138 $120,472.80
Carmilla Alberts Pflugerville, TX 4,722 $117,808.00
Roger Brooks Round Rock, TX 4,462 $111,596.74
David Richard Daly Richard Pflugerville, TX 5,236 $102,787.21
Stephanie A Davis Pflugerville, TX 4,912 $102,097.02
Yair Vanunu Austin, TX 4,447 $100,027.61
Durjuana Fresch Pflugerville, TX 4,137 $96,176.25
Robert Gervais Simon Gervais Round Rock, TX 4,065 $94,983.23
Lisa A Gonzales Pflugerville, TX 5,118 $94,855.95
Lori Millican Austin, TX 4,146 $87,732.50
Kathleen Rivera Leander, TX 3,529 $87,698.39
Mary Castaneda John Castaneda Austin, TX 6,003 $86,979.57
Tony Gutierrez Mary Gutierrez Hutto, TX 3,549 $86,134.98
Nicole Michell Brown Pflugerville, TX 4,476 $85,886.60
Alex Garcia Austin, TX 3,604 $82,297.26

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