45lbs of Pot Found by Fishermen

A group of men went fishing and caught more than they bargained for.

Earlier today, a listener asked if I wanted some pictures a friend sent him. Usually I would say no but when he told me the story I had to post these.

While deep-sea fishing off the coast a this man (the friend of a listener) made an amazing discovery. A giant package had floated up next to boat so he told everyone to stop so they could pull it in and investigate.

What was inside? About 45 pounds (according to their guesstimate) of marijuana. They collected the bundles and counted them at a near by guesthouse. The group decided it was not worth the legal troubles and returned the pot from whence it came.

According to the man, several of the bundles were water damaged and the quality of the weed was poor that is would not worth much. He said he had hoped the bundles where cocaine… but I’m sure that would have just ended badly.

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