Men’s Slutty Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great excuse for many women to wear lingerie and other sexy outfits in public. The “slutty” costume has become a staple of October 31st festivities. Drones of beautiful women flock downtown in the skimpiest clothes while men are left to tape cardboard, cat fur and wigs to their bodies.

Not anymore! I would like to introduce my new line of Men’s Slutty Halloween Costumes. NSFW

Throbbin Wood

Robbing from the bitch and giving it to the whore


Business Inside-her

Working it on Ballstreet


Horny Montana

Say hello to my average-sized friend!


Slutty James Franco in 127 Hours

Can you see my bone?

Founding Father Issues

Give me liberty or give me a spanking

Professor Promiscuous

You’re getting a D in this course

Hoe DiMaggio

Pitches, catches and swings both ways

Cumstruction Worker

Laying pipe and sealing it with caulk

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