Ep20: Giving Thanks, God Saves Carissa & Chuy has a Parade

Chuy had a parade thrown in his honor, Carissa was saved by God and CJ’s dog has been a bad little goat! We also take time to give thanks, tell holiday stories, make a Paul Walker joke, discuses dating and really dive into Carissa’s mental health.

This podcast is intended for a mature audience. The content expressed, implied and/or played on this show do not reflect the views and opinions of it’s hosts, guests, Emmis Austin Radio, it’s advertisers or really anyone for that matter. Seriously, we are not even responsible for anything we’ve said. Actually, you know what, JUST DON’T LISTEN.


Feel free to drop a buck or two (to buy swag & snacks):

Elements from this Episode:

B-DOE, CJ and Miles make an appearance in Chuy’s Parade (at the 9:30 mark)
-Black Friday Chaos

-Miles did this

-And he pooped on the parade route

D’oh! Tide

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